The Best South Park Musical Celebrity Moments

my wishing tree


With South Park season 18 starting this week, we’re feeling nostalgic. And in case you’re not aware, Matt and Trey have an obsession with music – in all its forms. Trey Parker especially, he went to Berklee for music for a semester and an obsession for musical theater. This all translates in to the dozens and dozens and hysterically written and performed songs that have appeared throughout the show in its 17 seasons.

Combine their skill with crafting a song and their obsession with celebrity and pop culture and you have years worth of songs tearing down, building up and parodying actors and musicians. Below are some of the greatest songs they’ve made to be featured in South Park.

Gay Fish, Season 13, Episode 5

The season 13 episode that made Kanye West’s head explode featured this amazing song at the very end. This was the nail that cracked his skull open.


What Would Brian Boitano Do? , The South Park Movie

Matt & Trey never met Brian Boitano, but they’ve been referencing him since their original South Park video made its rounds around Hollywood. Boitano loved it so much, he named his cooking show What Would Brian Boitano Make? (:21)

Bonus Version by Matt & Trey’s band DVDA –


Fightin’ Around The World With Russell Crowe Theme Song, Season 6, Episode 5

Released around the time Russell Crowe was fighting with everyone, Fightin’ Around The World is a show that should of been made and celebrated for the last decade.

The James Cameron Song, Season 16, Episode 9

A man as an important and powerful as James Cameron should have his own theme song and why shouldn’t it be this one? In the epsiode Cameron had to delve deep into the sea to “raise the bar” against horrible TV programming.

Taco Flavored Kisses, Season 7, Episode 5

At the height of the Bennifer romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, this season 7 episode was released. Cartman’s hand became possessed by Jennifer Lopez who released the single Taco Flavored Kisses. Surreal, absurd and hysterical – spoiler alert – Cartman’s hand ended up making love to the real Ben Affleck.

Happy Happy Happy by Phillip Glass, Season 1, Episode 9

Even in their first season, Matt and Trey were taking shots. In the shows first Christmas special, they had Phillip Glass compose the schools “non-offensive, non-denominational holiday play”. They capture his essence perfectly. (:11)

Charlie Manson Christmas Song, Season 2, Episode 16

Charlie Manson counts as a celebrity, right? Manson escapes from prison and goes on the run with the boys. He gets recaptured but not before singing us all a song about the meaning of the Christmas holiday.  (:28 seconds in)

Trapped In The Closet, Season 9, Episode 12

This episode featured South Park explaining the secrets behind Scientology and had Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks trapped in Stan’s closet. The weird thing is the South Park version of this song is based more in reality than in R. Kelly’s original. (:05 seconds in)

Vote Or Die , Season 8, Episode 8

Someone had to expose how ridiculous Puff Daddy’s Vote Or Die campaign was. Thank the lord that it was South Park. The song whey wrote is better than anything Puff Daddy’s ever recorded. (:18 seconds in)

My Wishing Tree, Season 8, Episode 6

“Mr. Jefferson”(Michael Jackson in a fake mustache) makes friends with Cartman after he moves to South Park with his family. If only Michael had Cartman around to defend him in real life, the world wouldn’t of been so tough on him.


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