Apatow, Hader and Schumer Interviews Anchor a Trainwreck Takeover Weekend on SiriusXM

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“What’s more powerful that everybody wanting to fuck you?” — Amy Schumer on Unmasked, May 2013

SiriusXM Trainwreck Takeover Weekend

This Friday Trainwreck hits theaters and in honor of all of the great stand up talent that is showcased in the film, The Bennington show is doing a Raw Dog takeover featuring all of the stand up comics who are in the movie.

As part of the takeover, you’ll hear comedy sets from Amy Schumer, Colin Quinn, Mike Birbiglia, Keith Robinson, Dave Attell, Robert Kelly, Dan Soder, Jim Florentine, Nikki Glaser, Bridget Everett, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones and Randall Park all hosted by Ron Bennington and Gail Bennington.  You’ll hear Ron and Gail introduce all of the comics, and talk about their roles in the movie.

The takeover also features brand new interviews from Bill Hader and Judd Apatow talking about making Trainwreck with stories from the set, plus Raw Dog will also be playing a five hour marathon of Unmasked episodes featuring some of the cast of Trainwreck including Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Colin Quinn, Jim Florentine and Robert Kelly.

The Unmasked series documents the careers of the very best comedy writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, satirists, political comedians, comedic musicians and of course, stand up comedians in the business.  Host Ron Bennington sits down with his guests in front of a live audience for an hour to talk about comedy, their careers, and their creative process.

The weekend kicks off with on Friday, July 17 at noon with the premiere of a brand new interview with Bill Hader (that includes a great Judd Apatow impression), the one hour stand up special hosted by Ron and Gail, and a replay of Amy Schumer Unmasked.  Amy’s Unmasked episode originally aired in April of 2013 just before the first season of Inside Amy Schumer, when her career was just about to take off. As Ron said in 2013, “This is like the coolest time to talk to you because it’s just before everything happens. I think we’re going to look back at this like Amy Schumer right before she became…”   At the time, Amy was just starting to get used to seeing her face on a few posters, and getting recognized for the first time.  She talks about how strange it all was for her and some of her fears and excitement about changes to come. You’ll also hear Amy also talk about a joke she made about Steve O at a roast that was controversial at the time, and how she felt dealing with controversy on a national level for the first time. It’s a fascinating listen particularly since less than two years later Amy has become one of the most famous performers in comedy.

Some of the other Unmasked episodes will air on Saturday and Sunday during the takeover.

On Saturday July 18, Trainwreck will take over Raw Dog Comedy 99 from 2pm until 8pm, and again on Sunday July 19th from 9am to 3pm and again from 5pm till 11pm (all times eastern).

Trainwreck officially opens on Friday July 17th although there are some advanced screenings taking place on Thursday.

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