Larry David Explains Super Delegates in SNL Cold Open

saturday night live cold open

Larry David Continues to Be the Best Thing on SNL This Year

There’s a lot we love on Saturday Night Live this year, but nothing can top a Larry David as Bernie Sanders appearance.  We love LD on SNL so much, that we should be out campaigning with the Feel the Bern Team just so we can keep him around for the next four years.  Last night Jay Pharoah and Darrell Hammond opened the show as “ebony and orangy”, Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump, and this may have been Hammond’s best Trump appearance yet.

But how can you compete with Larry David’s hilarious blend of himself and Bernie Sanders? He’s a sliding scale of Bern and Lah, but there’s always a little of each in his impression. As Bernie appearing via satellite feed from his hotel room in Illinois (he was actually in studio, live), he said “I want to thank everyone who voted for me and apologize to everyone else for making your Facebook feed so so annoying. I  mean I love my supporters but they’re too much right?  I’m great but I’m not five posts a day great.”  He slips back into full Larry David for an analysis of the ridiculousness of super delegates, explains why Sanders has trouble appealing to black voters, and finally we find the real reason Bern’s suits are so baggy.

Last night’s SNL was overflowing with impressions.  After the cold open, there was a Hillary Clinton political ad, Ariana delivered some serious musical impressions, and then late in the show, an all-star Family Feud brought out some major impressions as the actors and directors went head to head.

Jennifer Lawrence (Ariana Grande), Tilda Swinton (Kate McKinnon), Javier Bardem (Beck Bennett) and Idris Elba (Jay Pharoah) take on Quentin Tarantino (Taran Killam), Martin Scorsese (Jon Rudnitsky) and Woody Allen (Kyle Mooney) and Kevin Smith (Bobby Moynihan) with Keenan Thompson as Steve Harvey. It’s a toss up between Grande’s J-Law and Killam’s QT for our favorite Feuders, with honorable mention for space alien Tilda Swinton.


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