Aziz Ansari Surprises at Zanies for Two Pop Up Shows and Sells Out

Aziz Ansari seemes to be recovering from his public relations problems without too much trouble. Despite being caught up in a #metoo scandal that for an evening with a woman that was defined as everything from just a really shitty date to rape, he’s touring and selling tickets.

Last night, Aziz announced two last minute pop up shows at Zanies in Chicago and sold out both with little problem even on a Tuesday. Chicago giant Hannibal Buress did a surprise pop in set within the surprise pop up at the earlier show.

Wil Sylvince was there too performing on the show and so was Phil Hanley.

Zanies is Chicago’s only venue providing live headlining club with stand-up comedy 7 night a week, and all year they’ve been celebrating 40 years of presenting the best local and national comedians in the country.

Aziz has been doing pop ups at New York’s Comedy Cellar prior to touring and is always greeting with roars of excitement from the crowds.

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