August 27, 2017

(A Few) Accidental Comedy Fest Local Comedians Go to Great (Some) Lengths To Make Their Headliners Feel at Home

The Accidental Comedy group, founded by former Cleveland comedian Ramon Rivas, is dedicated to enriching the arts in Cleveland through live comedy and other productions. They are gearing […]
March 1, 2016

Comedy in Cleveland: The (Mostly) Complete Oral History

Ramon Rivas II is a stand up comedian and eminent Latino from Cleveland, OH, but his role in Cleveland comedy goes way beyond either of those two descriptions. He is the latest in a short list of dedicated comedy personalities to take on the unofficial role of keeping the comedy scene vibrant in Cleveland. He was featured in the documentary 'Make Fun' and has been lauded in festivals and competitions all over the United States, and now he's created this brilliant oral history of his city, with commentary from club owners past and present, big personalities and comedy stars including Sinbad, Dave Hill, Jim Tewes and two dozen others.