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. . . . . Writer Rob Kutner told us that he is working with a new comic book company that is commissioning his first graphic novel.  He’s been wanting to do this for years, so he’s excited about the project and expecting to launch a new kickstarter to support the project this week or next week.  He’s called the project a dream project.  Kutner writes for TBS’ Conan, and won four Emmy awards  writing for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

. . . . . Brothers Stephen Levinson and Joel Levinson are working on two big projects.  Stephen told us they are working on a screenplay that sounds very funny, that is going to be shooting in Ohio, set in a Jewish community about the year that everyone you know gets Bar Mitzvah’ed. No other details yet but how could this not be funny?  The brothers grew up in Dayton Ohio, not coincidentally in a Jewish Community.  They’re also working on a project with the great Jonathan Katz that we’re excited about.  It’s an authorized bio-documentary about Katz.  Joel and Stephen are huge fans and want to make sure that everybody in the world knows how important of Jonathan Katz has been to the current style of comedy.  They’ve done some filming for a few weekends, and just filmed him performing at Sketchfest, and are starting to shop the doc around.

. . . . . The new Jerrod Carmichael pilot has started prepping for a Feb 3rd shoot. It’s tentatively titled Go Jerrod Go and it isn’t a retooling of the untitled project NBC looked at last year, it’s a totally new concept. Writer Willie Hunter describes it as more in keeping with Jerrod’s stand-up than the previous concept, it “kinda plays an homage to 80’s sitcoms like All in the Family with a twist of modern day societal dialogue, some fun playful moments, and tension. It has everything. This is certainly not your typical set-up-punch, less interesting, no substance sitcom you see on tv today. It’s a play so to speak.” Nick Stoller and LA-based comedian Ari Katcher make up the rest of the writing staff and the cast includes Lil Rel Howery and David Allan Grier.

. . . . . UCB’s newest location, UCB Sunset, has been open for shows, open mics and classes since November and they’re continuing to expand the multi-purpose space. They are currently building out a podcast studio, two shooting stages and will have production offices located onsite to make it a one-stop shop. They have also made it sort of a community rec center for comedians & the general community, with a cafe open all day and lounge areas set up for people to write, meet friends or just chill.   The Inner Sanctum Stage at UCB Sunset, which has been a practice stage up until now, is now hosting stand up shows.  Brave New Show will be bringing the showcase style show to UCB there the second and fourth Mondays every month, with stand up and characters hosted by Emily Maya Mills and Samantha Varela. The room has a really great vibe with low ceilings and couches.

. . . . . The popular live comedy show Picture This will be coming to New York soon.  The Naked Productions show already exists in Portland and Los Angeles, and will be expanding to San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin in the near future. If you’re not familiar with Picture This, it’s an inventive original comedy show, where animators and cartoonists and other artists draw jokes, live. You’ve got to see it to fully understand it but you can get an idea at their twitter feed @picturethisshow.

.  .  .Miami has a new comedy club.  The former Homefield Sports Bar is now the Homefield Comedy Club and is working on bringing great acts back to Miami.  We spoke with Managing Partner Bill Gibson who told us that they had partnered with the Improv last year briefly, but now they’re independent and ready to go. They just finished construction that included major sound and lighting upgrades to their 250 seat room, and have a great lineup set for every weekend from now through May. They even have a beautiful green room with pool tables and its own bar.  The monthly open mic event they’ve been holding has also packed out the 250 seat room every month.  Last week Erik Rivera opened the club as their first headliner since the construction.   Local comedian J.B. Ball also went on stage and absolutely killed.  Some of the great names booked at Homefield over the next few months include Carl Labove, Rich Vos, Mike Vecchione, Mitch Fatel, and Jamie Kennedy.  Check out the full lineup at their website and visit them on twitter.

. . . . . Chris Gethard’s show is no longer a DIY public access show.   Last night he announced that they were starting up what would be their second to last show on public access because The Chris Gethard Show is moving to the Fusion Network.  The inventive unique and very punk live show has been approached in the past by plenty of networks but Gethard never wanted to make the kinds of changes to the style or spontaneity of the show that those deals would have required.  Chris is bringing the entire TCGS family with him and is . They’re looking at an April start date.  Fusion currently hosts Al Madrigal’s Half Like Me and Paul F. TompkinsNo You Shut Up. Congratulations to Chris, this seems like a great fit. You can watch this week’s episode  entitled “When Next You See Us We Will Be Standing Atop the Rubble Of The Entertainment Industry, Victorious Conquerers In A Strange Land That’s Never Welcomed Us. We Are The Outsiders. We Are The Renegades. We Are The Surrogates For The Silent Masses Who Are Not Willing To Be Treated As A Number, Who Are Smart Enough To Know That Their Value Is Rooted In More Than What Demographic Some White Male In A Suit Categorizes Them In. In April We Take To New Airwaves To Shout Furiously On Behalf Of The Sad, Creative, Sexually Confused, Generally Forgotten Kids Who Have Long Found It Unpleasant To Shout For Themselves. We Are A Voice For The Voiceless. We Take To The Grid So That We May Speak On Behalf Of Those Who Opt To Live Off Of It. We Are The Nervous System, And Our Viewers Are The Heart And The Brain. We Aim To Obey The Commands Of The Meekest Voices Amongst The Din. We Are Selling Out, But We Will Never Back Down. We Thank The Powers That Be For Our Seat At The Table But We Refuse To Ever Be Cool And We Insist On Making A Mess. Some People Get Invited In The Front Door. Some People Sneak Through The Back Door. We Are Sleeping In A Tent In The Vacant Lot Next Door And Throwing Eggs At The Metaphorical House. This Is Not Goodbye, It’s Only See Ya Later. This Is Not The End, It Is The Beginning. MNN Was Where The Forces Gathered, And Now The Army Marches. And You, The Viewers Who Have Supported Us, Are The Generals In That Army, The Admirals On The Ships, You Tell Us When It’s Time To Push The Button And Go Nuclear On The Whole Venture. The Mainstream Entertainment Industry Murdered Andy Kaufman And It Is The Duty Of This Show To Get Revenge On His Behalf” on and hear the big announcement for yourself.


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