Amy Sedaris Gives Big Love to Cole Escola at Tribeca TV Festival

Friday night, the first annual Tribeca TV Festival kicked off with some major comedy events including Andy Cohen in conversation with about her new upcoming series, At Home with Amy Sedaris. Amy took the time to give love to the tremendously talented , who we’ve been loving ever since we saw him at The PIT last year. You may have also seen him if you were a fan of Netflix’s The Characters sketch showcase series. He didn’t get his own episode (criminal!), but he appeared in ’s episode and was a scene stealer.

Describing her favorite guest stars in the new series, Amy brought up Cole, who she said is a series regular. “I saw him do this orange juice commercial on YouTube and then I got to work with him on Difficult People and he was improvising and I was like, ‘wow that guy’s really funny.’ When I saw the orange juice commercial I showed it to Paul and said it doesn’t matter if he’s a guy or a girl, he’s got to do this woman on the show.” He’ll be playing Chassie Tucker, a woman described as troubled, with a shady past. “We don’t really know why she’s a friend of the show. So maybe if we get picked up Season Two, I think Chassie has something on me.”  Sedaris also gave love to John Early and Justin Theroux, who she says plays a gay astronaut as well as Michael Shannon as a murderer, and Paul Giamatti as a skeezy businessman.

Later, Andy Cohen asked Amy how much pot she smoked during filming, to which she responded, “Well, no one else got high…so that didn’t really take place as much as I wanted it to.”

We’re anxiously awaiting the debut of At Home with Amy Sedaris which will air on truTV. In the series, Amy will show off her diverse but necessary homemaking skills, which range from creating popsicle stick buddies and gutting a fish, to making raisin necklaces and entertaining businessmen. The show premieres on truTV on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 10:30pm.

The Tribeca Television Festival continues through Sunday in New York City.

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