Ali Wong Will Return to Netflix for Next Two Specials

Ali Wong is a comedy super star, and has platforms lining up to grab her specials. Netflix just gobbled up her next two hours- the first of which will air in 2020.

According to THR, Wong is being paid somewhere north of ten million dollars per special after a bidding war upped Wong’s price. Netflix came out the winner but THR reported that HBO was aggressively seeking a package deal for an HBO special and a scripted show for HBO Max.

Netflix launched Wong’s super stardom with the release of her first special, Baby Cobra, in 2016. The hour was a revelation not only catapulted Ali to superstardom, but seemed to inspire other comedians to start families while keeping their career in motion. Two years later, Wong recorded her follow up hour for Netflix. Hard Knock Wife proved Wong was one of the decade’s great comics. She was pregnant again during the taping.

No word on whether Wong has promised to have two more children as part of the deal.

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