Adam Ferrara Performs Stand Up on the Late Late Show

Adam Ferrara performed a set on James Corden’s Late Late Show last night and absolutely killed showing why his brand new album, Unconditional, won Comedy Album of the Year for 2018 right here on The Interrobang.

In his set Ferrara shares a fun new game you can play at home with your spouse, new ways Alexa can help around the house, and from Adam’s mom, a whole new way to handle cops when you get pulled over. And a lot of comedians talk about anxiety, but Ferrara’s take may be one of the best, with his anxiety derby at catastrophe downs.  Brilliant!

You don’t need us to tell you who Adam is, but in case you’re just discovering comedy or you’re 12 years old, you know Adam from Rescue Me, Top Gear, Nurse Jackie, and The Job. You’ve seen him on Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, headlining all over North America, and in his hour special Funny as Hell.

After you hear his set, go and buy Unconditional everywhere albums are sold.  It’s pure comedy, giant laughs and full of Ferrara’s effortless likeability.


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