604 Records Launches “Comedy Here Often” YouTube Channel


604 Records started signing comedians in 2016. The first comedy release, Kevin Banner’s “Dreamboat” went to #1 on the iTunes comedy chart. As did four more back to back releases in 2017:Premature” from Sirius XM’s 2017 Top Comic winner Gavin Matts; Taking It Up the Notchfrom Fringe Festival award winning comedy songstress Shirley Gnome; and “Fatherland”, for which Charlie Demers was nominated for a Juno Award in 2018; and “Dungeon Master” from self-proclaimed nerd king and Sirius XM Top Comic 2017 finalist, Kyle Bottom which was released on 420, 2018.

A limited edition collectible card, featuring Kyle “Dungeon Master” Bottom as “Human Nerd” and his “Ravenous Pupper” Igor as a “Ferocious Doggo” (a riff on Magic the Gathering’s double sided Werewolf cards) is available now; as well as a digital download card (with alternate art for the super fans!). Bottom’s unique style has earned him appearances at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and he’s a regular on CBC Radio’s “The Debaters”.

“Dungeon Master is so sweet it’ll rot your teeth!”” says Bottom in describing the content of his album. (Five out of five dentists disagree with that statement 604 Records assures). 604 Records president Jonathan Simkin had this to say when reached for comment: “Kyle Bottom made me laugh before he told a single joke. He made me laugh before he opened his mouth. He is just…funny. Fucking funny. The fact that when he opens his mouth even funnier shit comes out is just a bonus! Born comedian. A natural. I would call his humour observational absurdist, which is as awesome as it sounds. “

604 Records recently launched Comedy Here Often? on Youtube. A comedy content channel which doubles as an original content production offshoot putting on live-streamed shows, producing and filming sketches in collaboration with their diverse roster of comedians and companies such as Atomic Cartoons, who created Charlie Demers’s Taco Nazi cartoon. With more video content set for release soon from recent live streams: Shirley Gnomes’ “Taking It Up A Notch”, Charlie Demers’s “Anti- Fascist Comedy Hour” and “The Comedy Here Often Showcase” featuring, Charlie Demers, Kyle Bottom, Yumi Nagashima, Kevin Banner, and more. Fans can already check out best of clips from Gavin Matts’ “I Have An Album” and Kevin Banner’s “Dreamboat” live streams. Kyle Bottom’s “Mayce Tries Food” streams live Tuesday May 15th @ 6pm PST and 9pm EST via 604records.com and facebook.com/604records

With an ever expanding roster of comedians and more releases coming out in 2018 from Vancouver-based favorites Harris Anderson, Yumi Nagashima and Fatima Dhowre, there is no shortage of comedy, coming, often.



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