The Best Stand Up Comedy Tours of 2014! (vote)

The heart of stand up is of course working the clubs, and the culmination of working all those club dates is the comedy tour. We picked six tours that everyone was talking about this year.  These five single acts were the hot tickets this year, and of course we couldn’t talk about great tours without bringing up Funny or Die’s Oddball comedy tour, which brought together the biggest names in comedy on stages across the country.  We picked six standout tours but you will pick which was the biggest, the best and funniest tour of the year.  Vote below!

Top Tours in Comedy 2014  (1)


Dave Chappelle: Dave Chappelle’s comeback tour was the most buzzed about comedy show this year, featuring the legendary comedian making his first return to large venues in years. The tour got off to a highly publicized rocky start in Hartford, Connecticut as fans began heckling him with references to his old show, forcing the comic to walk off stage. Chappelle was eventually able to regain control of the tour as he performed NINE sold out shows at Radio City Music Hall on a much talked about New York media tour. No other comedian can pull off such a feat and we may never see it done again.

Oddball Tour: The Oddball Comedy Tour brought an ever changing line up of the biggest names in stand up including: Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, Hannibal Buress, and Amy Schumer, among others. That many giant names sharing the stage on an entire tour is unheard of. The tour also featured guest drop ins from Dave Chappelle on the same stage that he had walked off a year earlier. Here’s hoping they bring back the Oddball Tour in 2015, one of the most memorable tours of the year.

Hannibal Buress: ‘The Comedy Camisado’ tour by Hannibal Buress was named by Buress because it means an attack that happens at night which he thought was fitting for comedy. Buress has made the tour extra enjoyable by occasionally appearing onstage in a jumpsuit adorned with his own face while touring across the country in a tour bus making impromptu stops at tuxedo shops. Buress is at the top of his game right now, making his tour one of the must see’s of 2014.

Tig Notaro: Tig Notaro’s tour ‘Boyish Girl Interrupted’ is the biggest tour of her career, marking her first tour since her 2012 album ‘Live’ in which she detailed her breast cancer diagnosis. Notaro received a lot of publicity while appearing at NYC’s Town Hall in which she began performing topless halfway though her set, revealing her scars after undergoing a double mastectomy. Notaro received a standing ovation to end the show making it one of the most memorable stops on the tour. The tour is currently on hiatus after Notaro was hospitalized with internal bleeding but Notaro has promised to resume the tour.

Tim & Eric: It would seem like it would be impossible for Tim & Eric to match the weirdness of their television show with a live, stage version but somehow the duo pulled it off. One stop on the tour included the two of them attempting to improvise onstage for five minutes before abruptly announcing that it just wasn’t working out and that the rest of the show was cancelled. The two quickly returned to the stage to loudly admonish the audience members who had begun walking to the exits before launching into prepared bits featuring some of their most popular characters which included actor John C. Reilly as ‘Dr. Steve Brule’ making the Time and Eric live show as one you have to see live to really experience it.

Mike Birbiglia: The comedian known for his one man shows kicked off his “Thank God For Jokes” tour last January. Mike Birbiglia called this nationwide tour the most excited he’s been to get back on the road.  His “Thank God” tour was a show all about joke telling and the trouble it can lead to. Birbiglia specializes in talking about those awkward situations that most people would rather not speak of again.  For Mike Birbiglia,  the more embarrassing, the better. His tour provided plenty of opportunity to tell his audience humiliating things about himself.   The “Thank God For Jokes” tour had a 3 month schedule to start with and just kept rolling out more dates, filling up Mike Birbiglia‘s 2014.

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