Everybody Shut Up: A Look Back Review and Recap of ‘No You Shut Up!’ Episode 4.3

no you shut up recap

No, You Shut Up! Episode 4.3 Recap

Every day we get closer to the election of the next President of the United States and there are issues literally tearing the country apart. Thank goodness Paul F. Tompkins and his team of puppets and fleshier guests are there for us every Thursday night to wade through the truth, the bullshit and everything in between. Last night’s episode of No You Shut Up! was a perfect example of why we love the show so much.

Through the NYSU! puppets who take on a full spectrum of political beliefs, the series laughs at the political system and all its players. The show makes a concerted effort to take no overt positions, (at least no serious ones) and never preaches, and yet  it’s smarter than any other show covering the election. Last night the NYSU! team took on some big topics as always, found themselves interrupted by a confused member of Anonymous looking to break some big stories, and taught us a little something about the Earth.

This week’s hot button topic- the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was up first.  Tompkins welcomed immigration reformist Yerd Nerp and Representative Oliver Pouch to come to the table to discuss Justice Scalia, and his legacy. True, no legacies were discussed but there plenty of fighting about whether Obama should be appointing the next Supreme Court Justice.  Rep. Pouch expressed concern about Obama appointing another “dress wearing liberal” and Mr. Nerp sees the situation as win-win.

yerd nerp and rep

Two special invited human guests entered the NYSU zone last night.  Paul’s first guest- comedian Jen Kirkman has a book coming out, and wants to make sure you read buy it. She braved a visit to the BernieBro Zone for a rousing debate with Hot Dog in an environment that was just politically hostile enough to be fun for everyone.  In an intense battle of Bernie vs Hillary inside the Bro Zone,  Kirkman out-foxed that little mustachioed pork product with some hard irrefutable facts that mostly involved which famous people were supporting Clinton. Jen’s a NYSU! natural, and hopefully she’ll stop by again even if she isn’t promoting a book she wants people to read buy.

jen kirkman and hot dog

Paul introduced a brand new segment that was a perfect fit for his second guest- NASA engineer Bobek Ferdowski. Explain it Like I’m a Big Dumb Bird, brought out panelist A Big Dumb Bird to “communicate” with Ferdowski.  ABDB is not bright, he doesn’t really add much to the conversation, but he is big, and dumb as promised, and gave all of us the chance to almost understand what engineers are talking about.  If you ever wondered how we know the Earth is round, watch this episode with a pen and paper and pay attention while Ferdowski explains it.  You still might not fully understand, but at least you’ll be able to repeat his answer to your friends, and that’s worth your 30 minutes right there. Explain it Like I’m a Big Dumb Bird is a hit and a definite keeper.  That bird however, could use some extra help after school.

The highlight of NYSU 4.3 — the panel discussion on immigration– delved into every angle that Americans care about: who should stay here and who needs to go? How high, and low, will that wall actually be?  What about China? What’s the difference between a racist and a truthist? And can Hot Dog past an immigration test?  We can’t tell you everything that happened, but we can tell you to get on the NYSU! train and grab yourself a big bowl of Episode Three.

Shut Up and watch No, You Shut Up! every Thursday at 10pm ET on the Fusion Network, and catch older episodes on the NYSU! YouTube channel.

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