Louis CK Is Not High, Despite What You May Think From His Recent Tweets

louisckLouis CK had been silent on Twitter for some time. His first tweet since the summer was on October 2, apologizing for having nothing to say on the platform. Today, however, CK fired off a litany of fascinating tweets that ended with the announcement: “I’m not high.”

What led to this eventual confession was CK’s espousal of the idea that a globally warmed, ruined Earthlike Mars was abandoned by “human-y” beings who boarded the Earth-bound moon that then crashed into Earth, annihilating them but also planting their DNA on Earth’s surface, where it eventually flourished, and that we’ll be returning to Mars via the moon and, after we botch things on Mars again, we’ll go somewhere else, “bopping around on moons til we realize the whole solar system is actually a spaceship,” making use of the sun’s propulsive powers.

Perhaps to distance himself from conspiracy theorists and ancient-alien wonks, CK is careful to point out that this is neither a theory nor does he have any evidence of this. Instead, he refers to it as a feeling. And it gets more interesting, if that can be believed. The tweets turn from sci-fi to cosmologically existential. In a casual discovery, CK has identified the one thing that “we all feel in the pit of our being.” A thing that’s universal, originating at the Big Bang. The currency of the universe is not math or science. It’s despair.



Carl Sagan said, “We are made of star stuff.” CK may agree, but seems to be saying, “We are made of despair” and despair is a universal constant.


The entire series of tweets is a trip and makes one wonder was CK is capable of if he were to get high.


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