Jim Breuer Gives Touching Credit to His Wife, Who Inspired His Viral 2015 Mets Videos

During an episode of Unmasked recorded at the Comedy Cellar’s Fat Black Pussycat Lounge, comedian Jim Breuer got emotional explaining the reasoning behind his Mets reaction videos that went viral during the 2015 season. He said it was during a rough period of time while he was trying to make his wife laugh, while she underwent difficult chemotherapy treatment.

For Mets fans the 2015 season was the most fun Baseball season in over a decade, although the team didn’t win it all they had a pretty magical run in the second half of the season that lead them to their first world series appearance since 2000. In that same 2015 season, Breuer started posting reactions to every single Mets game. Win or lose Breuer was on Facebook Live going crazy after each game and it became something Mets fans looked forward to.

Breuer, originally from Long Island which is designated Mets territory in New York City, has always been a known Mets fan but this took him to the next level, the videos were se popular they were seen on MLB Network, the Mets home channel SNY and ESPN. Breuer would even become one of the faces shown on the Big Screen at Citi Field to pump up fans during the game, all because of these videos where he showed his undying love and support for the Mets.

In the clip below Jim tells SiriusXM’s Ron Bennington about where the idea to do these videos came from and it makes them even more special. It was all because of his wife who was battling cancer and would watch games with him and thought Jim’s antics after opening day 2015, when Bartolo Colon helped the Mets beat divisional rival the Washington Nationals were so great he should do these for every game. “It’s opening day. They just signed Barolo Colon,” he explained. “And I watch every Mets game like its the 7th game of the World Series.” He described his reactions to that first game using words and sounds that are literally untranscribable and then added: “I turn and my wife, she’s got no energy and her head’s slumped over, and she’s giggling. She says, this is what you should tape. Put this on social media. The fan in you, people will love that.”

Breuer said she continued. “Don’t try to be Hollywood and shit. Do it the way you are right now. As vulnerable as you are right now.” After he did the first one, she told him he should do every game, and idea that seemed crazy to him initially. Breuer explains that this turned into something even more beautiful for his family, that because of these videos he would watch these games with his family and they would do this together. Breuer even tears up when saying he believes that magical run to the World Series was because of her. “That was part of our huge healing process. So why everyone said hey Jim Breuer is doing these Met videos, what they didn’t know is, as a family this gave us something to watch and it was a miracle… I’m getting all choked up…that they made it. But it was because of her.”

Even though the Mets didn’t win a championship that year, the team was electric and was taking over the city. Breuer’s videos were from such a pure fan perspective that any Mets fan will be touched to know how important these videos really were.

The full hour is full of great stories, including meeting Brian Regan when he was just starting comedy in Florida, touring with Metallica, touring with his dad, and he details how he ended up on stage at Madison Square Garden singing with Billy Joel.

You can watch a clip from the conversation below. The entire interview is on SiriusXM on Demand now.

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