The Comedian Who Changed My Life is Megan Mullally

bill hader megan mullally

The Comedian Who Changed My Life is a new series where comics talk about, you guessed it, the comedian who changed their life. This week, Bill Hader talks about Megan Mullally.

Hi I’m Bill Hader, and the comedian that changed my life, would have to be Miss Megan Mullally because she saw me in a show and recommended me to Lorne Michaels and gave me the biggest break of my life. I went from being assistant editor on Iron Chef America to a featured player on Saturday Night Live so I owe everything to Megan Mullally, but not her husband Nick.

1014D06 KH012Bill Hader is best known for his eight seasons on Saturday Night Live where he did amazing impressions (Alan Alda, Charlie Sheen, Al Pacino, Charlie Rose and others) and for his many recurring characters- but he’s probably most famous for his Weekend Update character, Stefon. Outside of SNL, he’s known for roles in Superbad, Knocked Up, and as the voice of Flint Lockwood in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs among others.  Hader is currently receiving rave reviews for his performance in the new movie, The Skeleton Twins, which he co-stars in with Kristin Wiig.

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