Big Brothers S2 Episode 9: Adam Poch from BB13 in Studio!

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Big Brothers 8: Adam Poch from BB13 in Studio!

Spoiler Alert!

It’s time for another episode of Big Brothers. The season is winding down and we will have our newest Big Brother winner in less than 20 days. “Power of” Vito was without his trusted co-host Chris Stanley this week, but couldn’t go a week without talking Big Brother, so your special co-host for this episode of Big Brothers is … ADAM POCH, from season 13! Adam came in third place in his season and was a real pleasure to talk to about the summer’s hottest reality show.

“Power of” Vito and Adam got along right off the bat, both being huge fans in this XL episode of Big Brothers. The two could not stop talking about the game and had a lot to say about the demise of Maven, the rise of Paul and how TMZ is just coming after Big Brother this season. Adam was not hesitant to talk about his experience on the show as well.

Fun fact: Adam said off-air (don’t worry, he said this was fine to say) that when it comes to the Jury House, the house guests get that DVD, do their filmed segment and then are not allowed to talk game in between! That didn’t even come up because there is so much to cover this summer. As boring and predictable as some weeks have been, we have still seen some of the most fights in any season with some pretty interesting gameplay from some of the house guests.

Every week, Adam Poch writes a blog/player ranking on Big Brother Network. He ranks the players based on “Bacon” (if they’re good) and “Tofu” (if they’re bad). He also gives “ToFurkey of the Week” to who he feels was the week’s biggest loser. It’s a great way to stay updated with who is doing what in the house, if you cannot be on those feeds 24/7.

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