Big Brothers is Back! Season 21 Preview With Adam Poch and Matt Hoffman”

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The Big Brothers are back for season 21 of Big Brother! It’s been 20 years since the series first premiered on CBS and these guys are excited as ever to give you the scoop. Chris Stanley couldn’t be in for the first episode but “Power of” Vito and Adam Poch (from Big Brother 13) are here with VERY special guest, Matt Hoffman (Season 12).

The premiere is fast approaching so the Big Brothers give you their official pre season picks. This premiere episode features a look at each individual cast member so you don’t need to go watch every pre-season interview yourself. This is a first time ever for the Big Brothers podcast. And as a bonus, not only do you get winner predictions, but predictions for America’s Favorite Houseguest and “Grodner’s Pet”.  The “Grodner’s Pet” prediction is dedicated to Allison Grodner, the Big Brother show runner and it’s the guys choosing who they think will get a little help from production along the way.

Matt and Adam seem very hopeful about this year’s cast, Vito not so much. Vito thinks it is hard to follow a great season like 20 but Adam and Matt see a lot of promise and strong personalities going into the season and they’ve more than done their research. Adam also drops a little inside knowledge of two houseguests knowing another before entering the house, something that was somehow never figured out  by casting.

Check back every week for new episodes of Big Brothers and ALWAYS go read Adam’s rankings on Big Brother Network, if you don’t have time to watch the feeds this is your cheat sheet to look like you really know what’s going on in the game.

And if you want to have the night of your life and meet some former houseguests, get to Slate NYC on Premiere Night, Tuesday June 24th where you can actually talk to a bunch of your all time favorites.


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