Big Brothers Episode 10! Josh, The Hero We Need Right Now

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Big Brothers 10!

Spoiler Alert!

Well folks, Chris Stanley is back from his Parisian vacation and that means the band is back together with Power of “Vito” and Chris Stanley giving you the inside scoop to the Big Brother house. Another double eviction has come and the guys are excited as ever for it.

Moment of the week though, well for “Power of” Vito it was Josh and Christmas’ argument where she wanted to make sure Josh was aware she wasn’t just another “club whore”. Does anyone else think Christmas is giving Josh way too much credit to even think he would access to “club whores”?

With Josh seeming to be catching onto Paul’s game this week, the guys thought there was a chance the Miami sensation could take out “The Rocker” Paul (as the Big Brother voice over guy likes to call Paul). Well, he didn’t, he actually just fed into Paul’s bullshit even more and agreed to go along with some awful plan to trick everyone they were fighting which OF COURSE these idiotic houseguests just went along with.

As predictable and boring these past few weeks have been, it is great that was got to see a good old fashioned blindside like we got with Jason! The poor guy didn’t see it coming at all. He left in a hot rage, it seemed like Paul put together the perfect plan but then Josh’s goodbye message to Jason has possibly blown up everything Paul has been working on. Then all the feedsters got something they have all been waiting for, the eviction of Raven. It could have been much better since Alex had just gotten all the power in the house with HoH but instead of making a big game move while she’s on her own, she played it safe and went after Kevin and Raven.

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The guys also talked to Adam Poch on the phone about his rankings for this week of Big Brother!

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