Big Brothers Ep 8: The Zingbot Cometh

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Big Brothers 8:  The Zingbot Cometh

Spoiler Alert!

Power of “Vito” and his co-host Chris Stanley put it perfectly when they said this was another “mediocre” week in the Big Brother house. With Jess and Cody gone, Paul is going full steam ahead with his minions and it looks like there is no stopping him.

Last week, “Power of” Vito did give Paul credit for playing a good game and choosing not to discredit the vet with the advantages he was given this year. This comes up on this week’s episode where the guys discuss if at this point, fans should just accept the interference of production and judge players based on how they use that to their advantage. Jess was most likely given an advantage by production with the Halting Hex, did she use is the best way she possibly could or waste it? Tweet as @BigBrothersPod what you think.

“Power of” Vito also got into an interesting debate with Chris Stanley, where the two did not see eye to eye at all. The topic was, should house guests be made aware of the final vote counts for each eviction, or would game-play be better because house guests would be more inclined to take bigger risks if the numbers did not come back to bite them in the ass.

The biggest event of this week in the Big Brother house? The return of Zingbot 9000, a Big Brother tradition that house guests and viewers look forward to each summer. This year, Zingbot came in especially mean though, it called Raven ugly, Josh fat, Alex a whore and brought up house guests having sex (or trying to have sex) in the house.

The guys really picked a fight with Alex and Jason and have issues with the way Alex is playing the game. “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley both feel like she thinks she is playing a much better game than she is. The guys also go into Christmas saying she had two “major targets” on the block with Mark and Matt and they also went through a list from Entertainment Weekly which ranked all of the Big Brother winners based on a fan poll.

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