Big Brothers! BB21: Epsiode 6 Jess-Hive Stans A True Queen

This week on Big Brothers, “Power of” Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) are excited to finally have an exciting week of Big Brother to talk about.

Before last week’s live eviction all hell broke loose within the 6 shooters. They turned on each other 80 minutes before the live show and some brave soul leaked the footage to Twitter. The fight was Christie, Tommy and Jack vs Jackson, Kat and Holly and it was over the possibility of Kat Holly and Jackson knowing each other outside of the house … even though Tommy and Christie are the ones that REALLY know eachother. Christie’s behavior in the house is getting more and more erratic by the day.

Jess showed up this week in a big big way and took out the almighty Jack, who seemed like he was in a prime spot to completely dominate the game. Jess won both the HoH and PoV and did what Cliff was unable to do a few weeks prior.

When Jack was evicted, Julie Chen grilled him on his controversial comments while in the house. For the first time we got to see an evicted houseguest look at the comments he made and answer for them in front of everyone. Jack also was the recipient of some great goodbye messages from a pair of houseguests happy to see him go.


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