Big Brothers 6: RIP OTEV The Dope Frog

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Big Brothers 6: RIP OTEV The Dope Frog

Spoiler Alert!

This week was another exciting week of Big Brother live feeds. Your hosts “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley are here to guide you through it. This week in the house, Head of Household Josh put up Elena and Mark and since Jess lost the Temptation Challenge, she was put on the block as a third nominee. Cody won the Temptation Challenge and was safe.

With Jess, Mark and Elena on the block, it seemed like an obvious choice to go after Jess, but Josh started the week off telling everyone his real target is Elena. The house did not agree with him and Paul especially didn’t think it was a good idea and was adamant about taking out Jess over Elena. When it came time for the Power of Veto competition (which was the return of the yearly OTEV comp, this time, OTEV took the form of a possessed pig), Cody was chosen to play, but Christmas used her “Ring of Replacement” power from a few weeks ago to replace him in the competition. Mark ended up winning the Power of Veto competition and (obviously) took himself off the block at the Power of Veto meeting. Raven was chosen as the replacement nominee as a pawn.

Josh still wanted Elena out and was trying to talk to Jess, but instead got into multiple arguments with her and Cody. One argument with the two led to Jess and Cody fat shaming Josh and calling him a bunch of names while he banged pots and pans and sung until Cody charged at him and it seemed like it could come to blows.

The Big Brothers talked about all of this, plus, they get into some questions from the Big Brother Reddit community, discuss the game-play and strategy of players like Kevin and Matt and give predictions for who the best people to bring to Final 2 would be.

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