Big Brothers 5: Hex Marks the Block

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Big Brothers 5: Hex Marks the Block

Spoiler Alert!

It’s been a crazy two weeks in the Big Brother house. Your hosts of the Big Brothers podcast “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley were away last week and did not put up an episode. So here is a quick rundown of last week if you need to get caught up. Jess was Head of Household, she even won Power of Veto that week and decided to go after Ramses instead of taking a shot at Paul. She wanted Josh (Paul’s right hand man) to go home and was told by the house he was going home, but Paul convinced everyone to lie to her. When eviction night came, Ramses was evicted and Jess was blindsided by the house along with Cody, Mark and Elena who voted with her.

Now it’s a new week in the house and the guys discuss Jess’ temptation, the Halting Hex that she used to stop the eviction from happening and guaranteeing herself and Cody another week in the house. This week also included what will probably go down as one of the best Big Brother live feed fights of all time. A 3 hour stand-off between Jess & Cody vs the entire house. Paul convinced everyone in the house to go outside and torture Jess and Cody while they relaxed on a hammock. Josh banged his pots and pans, sung his idiotic meatball song, Raven turned into a ratchet beast and Alex screamed questions about their integrity. The argument lead to a TMZ front page article because of Paul and Alex questioning Cody’s military experience.

To conclude a week in the Big Brother house, Josh ended up winning Head of Household. As of right now it would seem that he will just continue to target Jess and Cody, going along with what the house (meaning Paul) wants, but he has mentioned to Christmas wanting to go after Elena. So we will all see what the week brings.

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