Big Brothers 4: Glenn Garcia BB18 In Studio

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Big Brothers 4: Glenn Garcia BB18 In Studio

Spoiler Alert!

This week the Big Brothers, “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley welcomed their first guest of the season, Glenn Garcia from Big Brother 18. This was a very exciting opportunity because the guys wanted to get to know Glenn more than the one episode of the season he was featured in.

The Battle Back Showdown is over and Cody is back inside the Big Brother house. He beat our Dominique, Cameron and Jillian and then had a one-on-one battle with Paul to earn his spot back inside the competition. This game is at a perfect place for the Cody & Jess Showmance since Jess had just been given the Halting Hex from the Den of Temptation by America’s vote. Jess and Cody continued to have a good week with Jess winning HoH and nominating Ramses and Josh. This week will either be a shift in power to Cody and Jess or else Paul will get his people to stick with him and continue to take him all the way to the end of the game.

Glenn was a pleasure to have on and was open to talk about his experience. A lot of people don’t realize that even though he was out of the game first on BB18, he still spent a few months of a gruesome casting process that includes being sequestered alone. Glenn also got into some game talk and explained to the guys what his plan was going into the house, he also told them about an alliance that was made day one that ended up getting broken up by his eviction. Glenn had a lot to say about this current season as well. It was a great time to have him on with the Battle Back just happening which he participated in during his season of Big Brother 18.

Enjoy the interview and follow Glenn on Twitter and Instagram, @GlennnBX.

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