The 5: Five Favorite Bobby Moynihan Sketches From His 9 Season SNL Run

Seth Meyers, Tim Meadows, Al Franken, Fred Armisen, Kevin Nealon, and Bobby Moynihan are a few examples of those longtime cast members you spent an entire decade with (or at least most of one). They are the cast members you laughed at every week and got so used to seeing on TV that some of you took them for granted.

Every year, if you tried to guess who was leaving at the end of the year Bobby would never be on your list because he always crushed it and looked like he was having the time of his life on the show. Just look at Bobby every week at the end of the show and try to see if anyone had a bigger smile than him. He could crack you up with a weird facial expression or just doing something funny with his body, and often stole the sketch even if he was a background character or in an ensemble.

Now Bobby’s leaving, but he won’t be disappearing anytime soon. He has so many new projects coming out, including a starring role on the CBS sitcom, “Me, Myself and I“, the voice of Louie Duck on a DuckTales reboot, he’s the voice of Happy the Horse, for the Syfy pilot, “Happy!” and a bunch of other projects in development.

But before gives his final wave goodbye from the infamous SNL stage on Saturday night, here are 5 sketches that will remind you why he had one of the hottest jobs in comedy for 9 years.

Smash Mouth In The Closet (2010)

Those last few sketches of the night can be the weirdest, but are sometimes the best of the night. Back in 2010 when Jennifer Lopez was hosting, this seemed like it was going to be your run-of-the-mill monster sketch when the door started glowing red. When the door burst open and Bobby Moynihan comes out dressed as Steve Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth and singing All Star, you can’t help but bust out laughing. Bobby completely steals the sketch with just his face as he runs away every time Jennifer Lopez comes in the room.


Under-Underground: Thrilla Killa Klowns Rock Minute (2010)

In this sketch, also from 2010, Bobby plays a member of the Thrilla Killa Klownz, a pretty obvious parody of the Insane Clown Posse and Juggalo culture that comes with it. If you’re not all in when Bobby and Ryan Phillippe say “Like what’s with islands? Get more land. What’s with deserts? Get less sand” then there’s something wrong with you. Yeah, the ICP and the Juggalos are a pretty easy thing to attack, but they do a great job of carrying a sketch that could have seemed super stale. Not every great SNL song from that era had to be from The Lonely Island, ya know.



Bobby Moynihan As Snooki (2009)

Remember that awful time when Jersey Shore was one of the most popular shows on TV and Snooki and The Situation were household names. When something becomes that big, it’s going to be on SNL. When it came time to play Snooki, the breakout star of Jersey Shore, they went to Bobby Moynihan. This specific time, Bobby played her was amazingly because it was during season 1 when the show was at its most popular and all anyone could talk about was Snooki getting punched in the face.


Lost Star Trek Episode: Spocko (2017)

This sketch will now end up being from Bobby’s last season of his 9 year run on SNL. Chris Pine was the host, so it made sense to do a Star Trek sketch, but this asks the question, what if there was a loud boisterous Italian on the USS Enterprise. Bobby plays 2 characters in this, Spocko and Sal Delabate, If this wasn’t Bobby’s last year, this without a doubt would have been a new recurring sketch for him. Just imagine seeing Sal Delabate in Happy Days, Lost in Space and maybe even The Twilight Zone.


Drunk Uncle Supports Donald Trump (2015)

You can’t make a list for Bobby Moynihan’s best SNL moments and not mention Drunk Uncle. The character was so popular that Bobby went out and did it at the 12-12-12 concert in New York City to raise money for those affected by Sandy (although that time the sketch didn’t go over too well). Every great SNL cast member has to have a memorable Weekend Update character and this was his. If you miss Bobby next season, don’t worry the NBC store in Rockefeller Center will probably still sell this on t-shirts and mugs for years to come. (Anthony Crispino, Secondhand News Correspondent, you were a close second!)

BONUS BOBBY: Three Times This Season He Stole the Scene From the Background

Not only is Bobby hilarious in the front spot, he can kill from the back of the room.  Three sketches this season stood out this year as our favorite bits with Bobby in the background or in an ensemble.  We’ll miss you Bobby!

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