After Winless Week 4, Here’s Geno Bisconte’s Picks for NFL Week 5

Uh-oh. Is Daddy having problems!? Geno Bisconte went winless last week. Maybe his 0% in NFL Week 4 is why Geno is doing this week’s picks in a sweatshirt and cap instead of the well-dressed and well-coiffed persona we’re all used to. Depression and 0% winning percentage last week can do that to a person. Or it could be that Daddy is still on his bender out in L.A. where he made this video and just really misses home in New York.

Of course, Geno doesn’t think it’s too soon to jump into his NFL Week 5 picks, or too soon to deliver some Las Vegas shooting jokes, (yeah, there’s plenty here). For Geno Bisconte, the more time you wait to make a joke about something horrific, that’s the real tragedy. If you’re too sensitive to that, do not hit play on his video below.

In this week’s picks, Daddy makes one choice that may have you scratching your head considering how much this team has been outscored in the past two weeks. We also find out that there’s no substitute for a repaired Carr, plus there’s a shout out to Jimmie Walker, a reference to Colorado’s marijuana legalization and Geno has a problem with any athlete named “Mitch”.

You can also hear Geno Bisconte every Tuesday on Compound Media with Aaron Berg on their show, “In Hot Water“.

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