Watch Will Sasso’s Character Try to Solve a Problem in This Week’s Episode of Loudermilk

Have you been watching Loudermilk on AT&T’s Audience Network? We have been ever since we found out Brian Regan was a co-star.

The series follows Sam Loudermilk (played by Ron Livingston) as a recovering alcoholic who is also a substance abuse counselor. He’s responsible for a rag tag bunch of misfits, but his own life is still a complete mess even though he stays clean. The show is funny and heartfelt, and Brian Regan isn’t the only comedian co-starring on the series. Will Sasso plays Loudermilk’s best friend and roommate, Ben. In this exclusive clip from this week’s upcoming episode, Loudermilk is forced to confront the fact that he doesn’t know his best friend as well as he thinks.

The great Peter Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, Shallow Hal, Something About Mary) and Emmy® Award-winning writer Bobby Mort (The Colbert Report) created Loudermilk.

Watch the clip from episode 8, “Invitation Only” below. “Invitation Only” – Airs Tuesday 12/5 at 10:30PM ET/PT.

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