Tommy Johnagin Half Hour Special Highlights

johnagin cc

The Tommy Johnagin Half Hour special debuted on Comedy Central this weekend. In a hysterical 30 minutes, Tommy reveals he has problems with certain people. And by “certain people”, that means everyone he knows.

Tommy starts by explaining why phone calls to his mother are few and far between. It’s not easy dealing with a mom who’s trying to keep up in the internet age. Who would have thought that something like iTunes could come between a mother and a son?



Tommy is dating an older woman. He loves it, but he does has problems and fears about it. He also seems to be picking up on a lot of her older person sayings and phrases.


Thanksgiving is no day off when it comes to Tommy Johnagin getting into an argument with one of his girlfriend’s friends. Except when it come to pedophiles, you would think everybody would be on the same side.


There’s conflicted thoughts when Tommy and his girlfriend get a hot waiter at a restaurant. Correct that. Not just “hot”, Ryan Gosling “hot”.


And finally, watch some behind the scenes bonus clips right here:

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