The Comedians Call It! 40 Great Comics Tell Us Who Will Be the Next Big Thing in 2017

All week we’ve written about the very best in comedy in 2016, and from now until the 31st, we’ll continue to congratulate the best comedy created this year. But really, twenty sixteen twenty shmixteen. It’s old news. What matters now, who is going to kill on stage NEXT year in 2017. We asked some of our favorite headliners and up and coming comedians who is going to crush, kill and break out in 2017 for our third annual, The Comedians Call It.

In 2014, our comedy friends told us that Joe List and Nate Bargatze were going to be the guys to explode in 2015, and they did- in fact Nate went on to win Stand Up Comedian of the Year in 2015. Last year, everyone was talking about Greg Stone and he had a killer year.  You can read last year’s predictions for 2016 here to see who was right and who was wrong.

This year, everyone’s talking about Tim Dillon, and there’s also a lot of buzz for Luis J. Gomez, Mark Normand and Liza Treyger. Find out who else has the buzz in the comedy-verse as these great comics tell us who is going to pop this coming year.

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Amy Miller (@AmyMiller)

I think 2017 is going to be the year of Chris Garcia. He’s an LA guy that started comedy in the Bay Area. He’s Cuban American. He just got a development deal with the Lonely Island guys to make a sitcom about growing up Cuban in a white high school; white neighborhood in LA. He’s one of the most captivating stand up comics I’ve seen, super nice guy, gerso funny, amazing storyteller. I think he’s going to be pretty much everywhere this year.


Eddie Pepitone (@eddiepepitone)

The comedian I think is going to break out in 2017 is Colin Quinn. He’s a young kid, he’s only in his 50’s. I think with his new one man show New York Stories, he’s finally going to get some great recognition and really really break out finally, instead of just doing the one man show thing, I think he’s going to break out into bigger and better movies.


Nate Bargatze (@natebargatze)

The comedian that will break out next year will be Luis J. Gomez. In the podcast world, he’s on a million podcasts. Luis works super hard. The MMA world is blowing up, he’s very known in that, and I think that’s going to play a huge part in it. I think he’ll be the MMA comic.  So Luis J. Gomez.


Gary Gulman (@garygulman)

In 2017, I think the breakout comedians- I’m going to choose two.  Michelle Wolf and Joe List.  Both of them I see opening for Louis and I think that’s a great testimony to their talent. And when I see them live they just kill and they are innovative and funny and unique and they’re just coming on so strong in 2016, that I think 2017 is going to be the year for Michelle Wolf and Joe List. They’re both really cool and nice people, so it will be good to see that happen for them.


Bert Kreischer (@bertkreischer)

In my opinion- I had a dream about this person the other night and I thought- he is the Sarah Silverman of male comics. Mark Normand. Mark Normand is going to blow the fuck up in my opinion.  Cause he is stamp approved by Amy and all the huge female comics and all the male comics love him too. I wish I had that kind of cache. I wish I had the kind of cross-over effect that could make it to both sides of the fence.  But I know my Instagram numbers and my Twitter numbers and my Google trend numbers. I only appeal to men. Mark Normand? If I could start all over I would cut my hair short and I would start Rogaine much earlier.


Jackie Kashian (@jackiekashian)

I think 2017 is going to be a big year for one of my favorite comics working today. Literally. Erin Foley. I’m sitting in Los Angeles, I called her, she’s not returning my calls. It’s already happening. Erin Foley. Find her. Watch her Conan, it’s going to be a good year in 2017.


Greg Stone (@gregstone_)

I gotta go with Dan Perlman. I’ve always believed in that guy. He’s so funny. I’m just waiting for that one thing to happen and then everybody is going to realize he’s amazing. Just a hands down hilarious guy.


Dave Attell (@attell)

I can tell you it’s not going to be me. My career died about ten years ago, so it’s anybody’s game. But there’s so many good ones out there. Liza Treyger, Mark Normand, Sam Morril. The list is endless. It’s a tough choice, they’re all so good.


Emma Willmann (@emmawillmann)

The comedian I think is going to break out in 2017 is Leonard Ouzts because he’s been laying the groundwork for the last few years, hitting all the marks. And he’s hilarious, he’s young. He’s got a great team around him. He’s sold two pilots, I believe he’s only about 25, and he’s a hustler. He’s hilarious. And he works really hard, and he’s got a good look for a comedian, good comedian look.


Anthony DeVito (@AnthonyDevito_)

I think Brendan Eyre. He murders every time I see him. He just did Late Night with Seth Meyers, he killed on New York’s Funniest and he does a podcast with me. That’s why I think it’s going to be him.


Nick Di Paolo (@nickdipaolo)

I think the next comedian that’s going to break out is, what’s that kid’s name? Colin Quinn. He’s going to break out in hives or moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. No  seriously, you know who I like? Liza Treyger. I worked with her on Horace and Pete, I just saw her last night on Seth Meyers. She’s really funny and she played football on an all male team in high school. And she’s really funny. Liza Treyger.


Chris Gethard (@chrisgethard)

I think the comedian who is going to break out in 2017 is Ana Fabrega.  Ana is a total weirdo from my end of the comedy world, and she’s funny and smart and motivated. She’s doing stuff that nobody else is doing, and I would be shocked if she isn’t on everybody’s radar at the end of 2017. I hope she goes out there and proves me right so I look smart.


Bridget Everett (@bridgeteverett)

The comedian I think is going to take it to the next level in 2017 is Mark Normand. He’s got a new special coming out, he crushed it. He’s already doing well, but I think this year he’s going to take it to the moon.


Robert Kelly (@robertkelly)

I think this year, the breakout star is going to be- and last year I fucked up- but if you don’t already know it’s Tim Dillon. Tim Dillon is one of the most unique funny mother fuckers I’ve ever met. Likeable. Can be a douche. Can be aggressive, can be sweet. Loves food. Good friend and hilarious. Point of view. Love him to death. He’s a great guy. I think he’s going to bust the fuck out.


Ari Shaffir (@arishaffir)

If you call breakout in terms of no one knows who they are and then next year some people know who they are, I think Tim Dillon, I think he’s going to have people talk about him. But then if you’re talking about nationally well known, Dan Soder. For both of them, their stand up is better than ever and I think people are finally starting to recognize that. I hear more people talking about Tim Dillon than ever talked about him before. Soder too, he’s got that Bazillions show and The Bonfire. I just think he’s poised to become one of those known names in stand up comedy.


Seaton Smith (@seatonsmith)

I got two. It’s either Roy Wood Jr. or Michael Che. Roy Wood Jr. ,who as you know is on the Daily Show right now, is dropping a special next year.  I think he’s due to be given all the love in the world right now. Once people see him for an hour- once the nation sees him, I think it will be a wrap.


Liza Treyger (@glittercheese)

He’s had an amazing year already, but I think 2017, Langston Kerman is going to be a superstar. First of all, he has the face of an angel. He has a leading man face. He was just on Insecure so he’s an amazing actor. He’s funny, great act outs, good jokes, well thought out. Always been a hard worker. Never been distracted by bullshit or flashy things, never into gossip or shit talking or that person doesn’t deserve that or this. Just always doing stand up and working hard and I like that. Mostly he’s just so hot and funny and talented and he has a Masters in poetry. Everything is well rounded and awesome and I think he’s going to have an incredible year.


Dave Hill (@mrdavehill)

My pick for promising young person comedian who will break out like a mofo in 2017 is Joe Pera cause he’s a fucking weirdo and I love him. Joe has a quality that I love about all my favorite comedians. And that is he seems to have mental problems in a wonderful way.  My favorite people like Bobcat Goldthwait, Chris Elliott, Pee-Wee Herman;  people I loved growing up. You always got the idea that if they weren’t on stage or on screen, if they were just home alone, they would be doing the exact same thing and I get the same feeling from Joe. We’re seeing him what he would be doing if he were home in his room all alone and that’s my favorite quality in a comedian.


Matteo Lane (@matteolane)

If I had to pick a comedian for 2017 who is going to blow up, I think it’s going to be Evan Williams and I mean that both physically and career-wise– he’s gaining too much muscle. Evan is extremely talented and found his voice really early. I just think that he’s one of the most talented funny comedians I’ve ever met. Evan is really good roaster and he can do impressions and he’s a great writer and an all around great person to be around. I really think Evan Williams is going to be a breakout star in 2017.


Joe List (@joelistcomedy)

I’m no good at this. Last year, I picked two people and they both killed themselves three months later, but this year I’m sure of it. 2017  is Tim Dillon’s year. He’s hilarious and he’s gay. Let’s be honest, he’s big and great and hilarious and he’s my number one pick. He’s already passed me and he’s been doing comedy 1/10th of the amount of time I have. So Cheers to Tim Dillon. He’s the best and he’s going to make it big.


Adam Ferrara (@adamferrara)

2017 I got my money on Gina Brillon, very funny girl from the Bronx. She’s got a deal at CBS. If they capture her voice and they do a good job on the pilot, I think she’s going to explode, so I’ll take Gina and I’ll give the points.


Tim Dillon (@timjdillon)

This guy named Petey DeAbreu. He’s hilarious dude. He’s incredibly funny, works hard, great attitude and everything. He’s hilarious. I think everything is coming together in the right way. I think he’s really funny, he’s working really hard, he’s got a bunch of shows. I think 100%, he’s different and funny.


Don Jamieson (@donjamieson)

The comedian I think is going to take it to the next level of power and confidence is my buddy Joe Bartnick. Joe is hilarious, he tours with Bill Burr. When he wears a Hawaiian shirt he looks like Danzig on vacation. He’s got it all.


Open Mike Eagle (@mike_eagle)

I think the comedian who is going to break out in 2017 is Sam Jay. She’s a comedian originally from the East Coast. She’s based out here in LA now and she’s just an absolute wrecking ball. She gets on stage and literally everything she says is laugh out loud funny. And she has the ambition if you talk with her, she wants to be one of the greats. She wants to be as good as the Pryors and Carlins of the world, and who knows if she’ll actually get into that stratosphere, but she certainly has that potential.


Duncan Trussell (@duncantrussell)

Breakout comic of the year is definitely going to be Shane Torres.  I took him on tour with me, he’s been on Conan and he’s one of the funniest people living on planet Earth right now. And the Lord came to me in a dream and showed me Shane Torres in a bathtub full of jewels and gold.


Liz Miele (@lizmiele)

I think Gina Brillon is going to have a breakout year in 2017. I mean it’s beyond past due. She’s been brilliant and a staple of New York for longer than I’ve been doing it. She was on Kevin James’ show, Kevin James is now producing her sitcom, her special came out last year and it was brilliant. I just think this is going to be her year. I hope it’s her year.


Tom Papa (@tompapa)

The breakout comedian for next year will be Ryan Hamilton. When I say breakout, maybe he’s not going to be playing arenas, but this guy is so goddamned funny and not a lot of people know him and I think it’s going to be him.


Bonnie McFarlane (@bonniemcfarlane)

For 2017, I think Kerryn Feehan and Myka Fox. One of those girls is going to make it and I don’t want to say which one because I don’t want to be too mean, but one of them is great.


Andy Kindler (@andykindler)

I think the comedian who is going to break out in 2017 is a Toronto comedian who I love. His name is Tom Henry. I know people realize that I am very rarely right about things. I would not invest any money in my bets. But Tom Henry is a comic who you could say he’s a little bit like Mitch Hedberg, a little bit Steven Wright. But he’s in a category by himself. And obviously by now I think you can all figure out that I’m not good at describing things. Hear it now, and later give me a prize. Tom Henry.


Big Jay Oakerson (@bigjayoakerson)

I think the comic that is going to break out in 2017 is my brother and my good friend Luis J. Gomez. He’s been working so hard this year, and seeing everything start to happen for him is amazing. He’s one of the most hilarious people I know so to watch him start getting opportunities and making good on them is awesome. I’m very proud of him.


Chris Distefano (@chrisdcomedy)

I think next year’s break out is going to be Luis Gomez, the Puerto Rican rattlesnake. Cause my daughter is half Puerto Rican, so I’m supporting the Puerto Rican community. That’s the only reason I’m saying Luis Gomez.


Barry Crimmins (@crimmins)

Tom Simmons out of North Carolina. Real smart, been around a long time; political humor. Did the Not Idiot tour with the other southern comics last year. He’s brilliant and I think he’s going to get big this year.


Casey Balsham (@caseybalsham)

The one person I think is definitely going to break out and has already started breaking out is of course Tim Dillon. He’s hilarious. He’s a monster, but he’s also the best. I couldn’t be happier, he deserves it. He really is something different and just all-around hilarious person. I wish him all the success.


George Wallace (@mrgeorgewallace)

Who you got out there. You got J.B. Smoove just knocks me out, Kathleen Madigan. And you got some new kids coming out too. The young kid I think is going to be a breakout- he’s from Tennessee, and his name is Trae Crowder, and he’s known as the red neck liberal. Talks with a southern accent, and is just as liberal as can be. You gotta check him out. Do that and you’re going to have yourself some laughter. Check him out, he’s all over the place. You name it, he’s there.


Dan Soder (@dansoder)

This year, I think the comic that’s going to break out the most is Tim Dillon cause he already kind of broke out so this is an easy bet. Just gonna really take this one to the bank.


Kurt Metzger (@kurtmetzger)

My pick is Liza Treyger. She’s been making me laugh a lot lately.


Evan Williams (@itsevanwilliams)

I think the comedian who is going to have a break out year in 2017 is Greg Stone. Really funny guy, every stage I’ve seen him on he crushes. And really really really needs an unlimited metro card so that would be huge for him.


Sarah Tollemache (@stollemache)

The person that will blow up in 2017 will be Samantha Ruddy. Just because I find her extremely hilarious on stage as well as online or on Facebook. She’s just a hard worker.


Tommy Johnagin (@tommyjohnagin)

I think the comedian that’s going to break out this year is Andy Woodhull. I think he’s hilarious, had a great Tonight Show set, a great half hour. He lives in North Carolina now so he needs to break out to get out of North Carolina.


Kevin Iso (@keviniso)

I know the break out comedian of 2017 is going to be Ali Siddiq.  If you’ve seen him do stand up at all, then you know he’s a really funny dude, a natural storyteller. Check him out on This is Not Happening on Comedy Central. Those that don’t know, don’t need to know.

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