June 15, 2018

The 5! Kyle Bottom’s 5 Retro Nintendo Games that Ruined His Childhood in One Way or Another

SiriusXM Top Comic Finalist and Canadian comedian Kyle Bottom released his debut comedy album, Dungeon Master on 604 Records earlier this year. Born in Vancouver, his […]
April 24, 2018

The 5: Broken Lizard’s Five Most Quotable Movie Quotes

Sixteen years after the release of Super Troopers, the Broken Lizard gang is back on patrol with the release of the long-awaited sequel, Super Troopers 2. […]
April 5, 2018

The 5: Dan Schlissel’s Top 5 Places to Eat After a Comedy Show in the United States

Grammy Award-winning comedy producer Dan Schlissel runs Stand Up! Records based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With a growing catalog and more than 180 releases, they have a 17-year history […]
March 28, 2018

The 5: Lauren Maul’s Top 5 Places to Booze in Brooklyn

Lauren Maul was named one of the “50 Funniest People in Brooklyn” by Brooklyn Magazine in 2016. Lauren creates music, films, puppets, stand-up routines and has […]
February 6, 2018

The 5: Selena Coppock’s 5 Best Ways to Make It to Payday On Very Little Money

  Selena Coppock released her debut stand up album, “Seen Better Days”, and it hit #1 on iTunes for almost a week!  Seen Better Days features […]
January 18, 2018

Geoff Tate’s The 5: The Five Greatest Tom Petty Songs to Listen to While High

Comedian Geoff Tate’s new album, People Are What People Make ‘Em is out on brand new comedy label, Blonde Medicine.  A Cincinnati-based comedian, Geoff Tate has […]
January 12, 2018

Dave Ross’ The 5: Five Celebrities Who I’m Positive Get Startled A Lot

Shannon Cloud, Olivia Doud, Matt Ingebretson, & Dave Ross produce the hit stand up show Good Heroin which has been running for three great years now. […]
August 30, 2017

The 5: Five Times the Internet Cared When Real People Didn’t

The 5: Five Times the Internet Cared When Real People Didn’t If you follow comedy, Josh Johnson is most definitely someone you need to know. He […]
June 6, 2017

The 5: Greatest Mean Dad Father/Son Songs, As Chosen By Tom Shillue

Comedian Tom Shillue, the author of Mean Dads for a Better America thinks a mean dad is a good dad, and he’s found all the proof […]
April 21, 2017

The Five: Five Albums That Tried to Destroy Richard Nixon

Jason Klamm is a filmmaker, author, actor and podcaster. He directed one of the world’s first viral videos, has written two books, and is working on […]
March 2, 2017

The 5: The Top Five Times David Mamet Used Dialogue To Upset You!

This week’s The FIVE comes to us from comedic improv’ers Hunter Nelson and Terry Withers. Hunter and Terry are veteran performers and teachers at the country’s […]
January 22, 2017

The 5: Five Fabulous Times Talk Shows Got Awkward

Comedian Tyler Richardson moved to New York City after years in Washington D.C. and quickly began performing in the city’s most popular clubs and shows. He’s got […]
January 11, 2017

The 5: Five Songs You Don’t Want to Come on iPod Shuffle When Having Sex

Lisa Best just released her debut album, Brain Bank.  After a few years of bolstering her reputation as a sharp joke writer with a unique point […]
November 5, 2016

The 5: Matthew Broussard Picks His Own Top 5 Matthew Broussard Monday Punday Cartoons

Matthew Broussard is a comedian, an actor, and the artist who entertains his audience every Monday morning with a brand new original pun cartoon.  Matthew picked […]
October 29, 2016

The 5: Five Times Mike Judge Changed Comedy

Eddie Barella from the Eddie Jason & Chris Show put together this week’s The Five. Their show is hot talk and indie rock and show hosts […]
August 28, 2016

The 5: Five Times RuPaul Has Been a Comedic Genius

Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are your culture consultants on the brand new Las Culturistas podcast that discusses Art, fashion, music, and MERCH. Rule Number 278 of […]
August 21, 2016

The 5: Robert Kelly’s Five Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Kids

Robert Kelly is a great comic, but not exactly what you would think of as a role model for kids, and he knows it. But he’s […]
August 13, 2016

THE 5: Top Five Contenders For The 2032 Election

Andrew Block, Joe Cilio, and Alex Ramsey are The News, described as the perfect podcast for beltway-obsessed political junkies sick of boring podcasts where “experts” rehash the stories you […]
August 8, 2016

The Five: Greatest Kanye West Comedy Crossovers

Comedians Rob Haze and Chris Daniels have officially entered the Kanye-verse to explore the cultural significance and artistic legacy of Mr. Kanye West in their new podcast, The […]
June 3, 2016

The 5: With the Release of Popstar, Here Are 5 Underappreciated Mockumentaries

We’re bringing it back! It’s The 5! Not just any list, the top 5 list of anything and everything.  Bringing it back is former 5 superstar, […]
January 11, 2015

5 Comedy Books That Can Help You Have a Shiny 2015

It’s a new year and time to convince yourself you have potential and are able to achieve so much more. Luckily you’re not in it alone. We’ve rounded up some comedy books that will help you get it together. These 5 books belong to a rare genre, comedy-slash-self-help, with one of them fresh off the presses last week. Here are 5 great comedy self help books, to hep get your New Year started on a high note.
December 18, 2014

The 5: Fare Thee Well, Steve Colbert, We Hardly Knew Yee

It premiered on October 17th, 2005, and tonight, it finally come to an end. The Colbert Report will be filing its last show tonight and in […]
November 25, 2014

The 5: Comedians Using the Transformative Power of Comedy to Send a Positive Message

Comedy can be, and often is, critical. But when a person pursues a career in comedy, they are also devoting their life to making people laugh, and that's making people feel good, in ways both big and small. The best comedians make us laugh by revealing a truth in a way that is surprising, that makes us see something, in that instant, in a different light. The force, the impact of that truth makes us erupt with joy. With laughter. Comedy is no less than a calling to service, and its impact on our lives is significant.
October 24, 2014

The 5: Movie Cats

This week one of the best written films of the year, Listen Up Philip, is out. And along with Jason Schwartzman, Elizabeth Moss, Krysten Ritter, and […]
September 28, 2014

5 Funniest Comedians Who Could Have Had a Career in Martial Arts

Throughout my years performing stand up comedy and covering the sport of mixed martial arts I have noticed a few parallels between the two arts. For one, it takes balls. .000001% of the population has the testicular fortitude to step on stage to tell jokes or to get into a cage and stand across from a trained death machine and go to war. Also, for both it's really hard in the beginning. There is no money in either game and you suck at it. You are either bombing in front of shitty crowds or getting the shit beat out of you day in and day out in training. But you keep coming back all of the love of the sport. Comedians are super heroes with their words. Fearless, quick witted, and unrelentless. Mixed martial artists are modern day gladiators. Warriors who put their lives on the line every time they step into the cage. However, there are a few rare specimens that could kick ass on the mic and in the cage. Here is my list of the top 5 funniest comedians that could have possibly, maybe, but probably not had successful careers in mixed martial arts.
September 5, 2014

The Five: Great Motivational Speeches From Bill Murray

As part of our continuing coverage of Bill Murray day, we selected five of our favorite Bill Murray motivational speeches.   It’s hard to say which […]
August 7, 2014

The 5: Five Songs Inspired by Comedians

Dave Chappelle said in his film Block Party, "Every comic wants to be a musician. Every musician thinks they're funny." It's an accurate statement that has been true since the early beginnings of both comedy and music.