TBS Cancels Comedy They Had Already Renewed

In an unusual move, TBS has canceled a show that it renewed last September.

People of Earth, starring Wyatt Cenac was given an order for Season 3 back in the fall of 2017 just before Season Two wrapped. The season has already been written– but it won’t be shot and it won’t be airing, at least not on TBS. The network has reversed its decision and canceled the show according to series creator David Jenkins who made the announcement on Twitter.

“Thank you to everyone who was a fan of the show and enjoyed its gentle, amiable sci-fi weirdness. It was an honor sharing this show with you. Let’s do it again soon. Love you all,” he wrote.

It also doesn’t sound like Jenkins will be shopping the new season around- perhaps because star Wyatt Cenac is already busy with a new HBO show, “Problem Areas,” which has been picked up for a second season. Canceling a series 9 months after it’s been renewed, but before a single episode has aired is a highly unusual decision. No word from the network yet on what motivated the move.

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