May 17, 2018

Creating Carbonaro Effects: How Michael Carbonaro and His Writers Room Make Magic Happen Every Week

It’s been three years since I first talked with truTV’s Michael Carbonaro, who stars in a big truTV series that involves pranking. No, he’s not the […]
October 28, 2015

Michael Carbonaro’s Conan Fish Magic Trick

Magician, illusionist and comedian Michael Carbonaro did a simple magic trick for Conan last night, making bringing a fish sticker to life, that oddly looked a lot like what you would imagine Conan would look like if he was a fish. Carbonaro stars in truTV's The Carbonaro Effect, where he uses magic and illusion to convince regular people that impossible things are happening.
July 29, 2015

The Carbonaro Effect: Magician Michael Carbonaro Tells Us How He Does It

If one day you find yourself experiencing double vision, or seeing creatures from outer space, or watching a man squeeze a carton of juice out of a single orange, you may be having a breakdown. Or you may be experiencing The Carbonaro Effect.