August 2, 2015

TV’s Most Important Comedy Directors

In film, directors often receive more acclaim and recognition than the screenwriter. Yet in television, the reverse is true. So we thought we would highlight some of the most important directors in television comedy working today.
June 19, 2015

Workaholics Star Waves A Bagel, Curses, Kicked Off Morning Show

Blake Anderson, like many of us, does not enjoy waking up early. So when the co-creator and star of Comedy Central's Workaholics went on a local Fox 19 morning show in Cincinnati, the 6am interview quickly went south.
January 21, 2015

The Lucas Brothers List The Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time

Kenny and Keith Lucas are back for a brand new season of their animated series, "Lucas Bros Moving Co" on FXX.
January 13, 2015

Blake Anderson Drives the Worlds Most Patriotic Jeep

Blake Anderson finds out his friends answer to the question "would we still be friends if I bought this Jeep?" The answer was yes. Oh hell yes.