SiriusXM Host Fez Whatley Asks Michael Sam’s Agent for Permission to Watch the Super Bowl

msamSiriusXM Radio host Fez Whatley made a vow months ago to never watch football again, and now he wants out of that bet.  Why?  He felt the NFL was homophobic, because of the way they treated out and proud football player Michael Sam.  Now its Super Bowl time and he wants out of his vow but instead of just admitting defeat and giving up, he seems to think he can get out of this gracefully by getting permission from the Michael Sam camp, so he emailed Sam’s agent to ask for permission.  WHAT!?

Here’s the backstory.  Whatley was so excited when Michael Sam became the first potential NFL player to come out publicly as gay, that he went all in supporting Sam.  To support he switched teams to root for the Rams when the Rams picked Sam up for the draft.  But that wasn’t enough, he wanted more. When Whatley found out that a Cleveland Browns fan put up his fandom for sale on eBay, he dove on it, and outbid everyone else to “buy” the former Browns supporter’s fandom so he could get one more person to cheer on Michael Sam and the St Louis Rams.

But when Sam got cut from the team, Whatley cried homophobia and went on a football strike, vowing to never watch football again until Sam was back in the NFL.

Here’s the email former NFL player Michael Sam’s agent to sent to Fez Whatley from the Ron and Fez Show.  Fez says this allows him out of his oath to never watch football again and enjoy the Super Bowl.

We’re just surprised it didn’t come in the form of cease and desist or a restraining order.


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