Seinfeld’s Famous Girlfriends: Year by Year

Seinfeld aired on NBC from 1989 to 1998.  Even though the series ended its initial run 16 years ago,  the influence of the show is still going strong.  All four main characters remain household names, and have gone on to have post-Seinfeld careers.  And nobody would be surprised that even the great secondary characters and recurring characters have stayed in the public eye.

But one of the most interesting Seinfeld  phenomena has been the incredibly percentage of actresses cast as Jerry’s girlfriends who went on to have great careers after their appearances on the sitcom.  Over the nine year run, at least 20 of the women who played Jerry’s girlfriends have gone on to have great post-Seinfeld careers, even though most of them only appeared in one episode, and most of them were unknown at the time they were cast.    We put together a year book of Jerry’s girlfriends who went on to bigger and better things after passing through the Seinfeld universe.  Congratulations Jerry, nobody on television has ever had a better assembly of exes.


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