Sebastian Maniscalco’s “Aren’t You Embarrassed?” Premieres November 14th On Showtime

maniscalco_1024x640Sebastian Maniscalco  has labeled himself “the Behavior Police”, and he’s bringing his brand of social justice to Showtime in his new special “Sebastian Maniscalco: Aren’t You Embarrassed?” premiering Friday, November 14th at 11 pm et. He’ll be talking about kids who are too big to still be riding in strollers,  people who think it’s okay to run to the store in a bathrobe, and other assorted shameful behavior.  It’s Sebastian’s mission– no quest– to  make you realize why you should be embarrassed, if you aren’t already.

If you agree that America is running dangerously low on dignity or just want to revel in the abyss, mark this down on your calendar.  Or just use ours.  You’ll find it on our home page, updating every day.

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