Rick and Morty Creators Give Season 3 Update: They’re Drawing It

Fans of Adult Swim’s hit animated series “Rick and Morty” continue to ask the question- “When is season 3 coming?” Thanks to the magic of autotune, that question has an answer…sort of. Dan Harmon wants you to know, “they’re drawing it.”

When Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Adult Swim show Rick and Morty first premiered, it instantly became a smash hit. The charmingly-silly-yet-strikingly-intelligent sci-fi show quickly acquired a massive, loyal following unlike any other animated show in recent memory. When season two ended back in October 2015, fans were already eager to get their hands on the next season. Fast forward to today, over a year after the end of season two, and that eagerness has turned to desperation and, for some, paranoia about the show’s future.

Anytime a show is off the air for too long, the rumor mill starts swirling about cancellations, failed contract negotiations and conflicts among the staff. In the case of Rick and Morty, fans recently became worried it was the latter.  Speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, show co-creator Dan Harmon was asked why the show was taking longer than expected, to which he replied “Rick and Morty keeps taking longer and longer to write and I don’t know why.” He later went on to say, in regards to co-creator Justin Roiland, that “We have fights all the time and then we have fights about why we’re fighting.” This understandably had folks wondering if the show’s creators were on the outs, but Harmon later clarified on Twitter that the arguments in question were par for the course in a writers room, and weren’t anything serious.


Now, Harmon has finally (kinda) put the speculation to rest. During a recent episode of his podcast, Harmontown, the writer answered the question “When is season three coming out?” in the form of a rap. The main message from the song: “They’re drawing it.”

“If all I do is write it, and then put it on TV, it will look like a script,” he says through heavy autotune.

“And when you tell me to stop being political and get back to drawing it . . . I don’t draw it,” he continues.

Of course, fans who paid close attention to the end of season two weren’t surprised by the long wait at all. The beloved Mr. Poopybutthole said as much in this post-credits scene at the end of the season two finale (start 45 seconds in for the relevant bit):

So no real answers, but in the meantime, you can register with the Galactic Federation, a new Rick and Morty-esque viral website designed to appease hungry fans.  And stay tuned. Auto tuned.


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