Opie Radio to Become ‘Faction Talk’ on January 23rd

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A few months back, and Sam Roberts let slip on their SiriusXM show, Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, that their home channel at the time, Opie Radio, was in the process of being rebranded. They said the higher-ups at SiriusXM came to the two for input, and they were all in agreement that Faction Talk would be the name for their new home. Sirius 206/XM 103 Faction Talk will be the sister-channel to “punk-infused” music and sports channel 41, Faction.

The schedule for the new channel will continue to have the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show in the mornings from 8am to 11am ET, with The Jason Ellis Show moving over from the Faction channel to take the 11am to 3pm slot, with The Opie Radio Show, hosted by Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes continuing in its current time slot from 3pm to 6pm.

The channel has undergone a number of format changes, most dramatically last fall. When Opie and Jim Norton split (after attempts to continue as a duo without Anthony Cumia failed to work out), sending Opie to host a solo afternoon show, and coupling Norton with former Opie & Anthony Show producer Sam Roberts to host the morning show on the channel.

The change is scheduled to go into effect on Monday, January 23rd on both channels.

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