New Radio Show “Bennington” Premiered on SiriusXM and Trended for Three Hours


The #2 trending topic for almost three hours in the United States on Friday was #Bennington signaling the arrival of the much anticipated solo radio show on SiriusXM’s Opie Radio Channel.  Except it turned out not to be a solo show after all.

Ron Bennington who hosts SiriusXM’s Show weekdays as well as the highly respected Unmasked on RawDog 99, and Ron Bennington Interviews on the Indie Channel, debuted his fourth radio show today on SiriusXM. It’s called Bennington and it came with a surprise– his daughter in the co-host chair. What made this an especially big surprise to long time listeners is that throughout his radio career, Ron has been notoriously guarded when it comes to his family. In fact for twenty years he’s been referring to his kids as age 3 and 5, and never by name.

trending benningtonBennington, doesn’t have an officially announced format yet, but if you tuned in, you heard some very smart, very funny and very cool talk from Bennington x 2. The topics hit up most of the usual suspects, great film, great books, great music, great art– but it wasn’t so much the topics that were compelling as the natural interaction between two very interesting people, and while we don’t know much about the younger Bennington yet, she has definitely inherited her fathers esoteric cool, but brings along her own unique vibe.

A father-daughter morning show in radio? Has anyone else ever tried it?  Few could pull it off. Congratulations to Bennington for once again being the freshest and most interesting person in radio. x2.

The new show airs most Fridays from 7am to 10am on XM 103 and Sirius 206, filling in for Opie and who announced last month when they re-signed with SiriusXM that they will be taking most Fridays off.   The debut episode of Bennington replayed on Sunday at 4pm, and will be available On Demand on SiriusXM. Next week Opie and Jim will be in studio but Bennington will be back on Friday October 31st, and most Fridays after that.

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Here are some of the tweets that kept #Bennington trending in the United States at #2 for three hours.

If you’re looking for the great song that opened the show. Enjoy Fantastic Man.

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