Ian Halperin Claims Sinatra Ordered a Hit on Howard Stern

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Ian Halperin is claiming that not only did Frank Sinatra order a hit on talk radio host Howard Stern, but his hitmen actually carried out the hit– on the wrong guy. And he claims he has proof, or at least substantial corroboration for the story.

Halperin, who is a celebrity biographer, says he’s writing a book about Stern that will include the wild story. He’s claiming that the reason for the hit, was a radio rant by Stern about Frank Jr. and Nancy– Sinatra’s kids– in the early 90’s.

Halperin first told the story to talk show host Anthony Cumia on The Anthony Cumia Show on Thursday May 26th, and later to Page Six.  “I’m announcing exclusively on your show, I’m writing a Howard book,” he told Cumia.  He claims to have stories about Howard’s hair, his relationship with his hairstylist, and Stern’s rumored cold war with Cumia and former co-host Opie Hughes from the Opie and Anthony Show.

He also revealed the Sinatra story on Cumia’s show.  “He once pissed Sinatra off, and Sinatra apparently ordered his guys to put Howard in cement shoes, I kid you not,” Halperin said.  “On the record from Sinatra’s sources, and the craziest thing is, Ant, apparently they killed the wrong guy.  Apparently they actually hit somebody who looked like Stern and buried him.”  He’ll be revealing details in the book, but says Sinatra thought Howard was a phony and he has proof. “I hope Howard Stern sues me because I have about 100,000 questions to ask him under oath in court.

“Everybody who ever knew Frank knew he was a nice guy, but you don’t want to piss him off. He had a big temper. And Frank ­allegedly put a hit on [Stern]. I have extreme corroboration on this,” he told Page Six.

Halperin says the bio he’s writing on Stern will be fair, although on an earlier appearance on The Cumia Show from May 9th, he called Stern “Howard the Coward” and also said he’s “boring”, “miserable” and said “his best days are behind him”.  Ian Halperin has written seven bestselling books including a #1 New York Times bestselling bio on Michael Jackson’s final years.

A spokesperson for the Sinatra estate told Page Six that the story is ludicrous.

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