Geno Bisconte’s Still Making NFL Picks: Here’s Week 4

It’s time to start laying the lumber and either grabbing some points or giving them up against the spread with Geno Bisconte. This good looking (or maybe it is actually the new equipment) pro football soothsayer is back in week 4 with more picks for this weekend of football action.

If you’re keeping score with Geno, you’ll know that Daddy is now on the plus side with some impressive NFL Week 3 winners. Geno is now 6-5-1 with his video selections. He’s changed his pick strategy which now includes less book work and more “drinky drinky”. Even if it’s bad for his liver, it’s working for his picks.

This week, Daddy continues to pick from the gut. He talks about the Colts versus the Seahawks and somehow that leads into the natural segue of O.J. Simpson’s future plans when he gets out of prison. Geno also goes completely accusatory discussing the Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. and his sexual orientation. He’s got some strong words for the “little bitch” of the New York Football Giants. Someone has a case of the dropsies and Daddy don’t like it. And Geno wraps up his Sunday picks asking why the San Francisco 49ers even continue to play in the NFL and going the long way around for a joke about The Cosby Show. It’s worth the ride.

Geno even seriously discusses some real football strategy with his Monday Night Football pick between the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs. And he does it all without one offensive Native American joke. Hopefully, Daddy ain’t slipping.