Geno Bisconte Picks NFL Week 9: Buckle Up People, We’ve Got 5

Geno Bisconte is ready to make some picks along side his regular co-host, a near empty bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Don’t worry kids. Daddy has every right to celebrate. Your tipsy football guru is coming off a solid 3-1 week in the NFL and now he’s back over the hump at 52% ATS! Just don’t get him started on the Chargers – Patriots game last week. That upsets Daddy and some times, he hits.

Instead, let’s get to this week’s picks for NFL Week 9.

This week, Geno Bisconte not only has bragging rights about his winning percentage, he’s also gloating about his prediction about Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian coming true. Plus, he takes time to kick Cleveland while the Browns are down. Geno also talks about a running back who was clocked at 22 1/2 mph while heading for the end zone. That’s quite an accomplishment, especially as Geno points out, when you’re not looting. Find out why Daddy isn’t picking this player’s team this NFL weekend in the video below.

Also this week, we find out the full names of a couple of NFL quarterbacks and in a bonus Sunday pick, Geno explains how time will play a factor in the Sunday night game. If you think Daylight Savings Time is confusing, you should hear Geno explain it. And in his Monday night pick, Daddy throws a verbal beating at QB Brett Hundley and the Packers. You think Aaron Rodgers’s collarbone injury hurts really bad? His feelings will hurt even worse after he hears what Geno Bisconte has to say about his team.

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