Geno Bisconte Picks NFL Week 15: Boom Goes The Geno-mite!

To open this edition of Geno’s Picks, Daddy is throwing out a lot of numbers which have him very excited. Things must be good for Geno, but here’s all you need to be concerned about, Geno went 3 & 1 last weekend, and is working at a winning percentage of 55%. And a winning Daddy is a happy Daddy.

Let’s get to this week’s Geno’s Picks!

Despite some technical difficulties with his own hair, Geno’s got a pick in the Titans – 49ers game which includes a reference to the Ryan Reynolds – Jason Bateman comedy movie, “The Change-Up“. Geno may have been one out of only three people to have ever seen this film. And that’s only if Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman bothered to watch it. In this pick, Geno tells us if Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is just another pretty face behind a face-mask or if he can lead San Francisco to a win on Sunday. Just like the San Francisco band Journey and its many lead singers, the 49ers know that Garoppolo may not be Steve Perry (or Joe Montana), but they hope he can at least be their Arnel Pineda and mimic their previous success.

Next, Geno looks at the big spread the Eagles are giving up against the Giants on Sunday afternoon and even goes into a victory dance. Not for his predicted winner ATS, but because he nails a joke about back-up Eagles QB Nick Foles. The only people possibly not laughing are Eagles fans who are still mourning the loss of their starting quarterback who came and Wentz.

Geno also has a pick in the biggest game of the week, New England at Pittsburgh. Patriots QB Tom Brady will have his favorite target back when tight end Rob Gronkowski returns. Never mind Pittsburgh’s Clark Bars. Will Tom Brady turn Heinz Field into Willie Gronk-a and the Touchdown Factory!? Watch the video below to find out from Geno. And finally in his “Double Your Money, Monday Night Bet”, Daddy’s got a pick in the Falcons – Buccaneers game, and a filibuster on Colin Kaepernick. If you’re wondering how Kaepernick’s name possibly comes up while discussing a game where he’s never played for either team? Geno will explain all below.

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