Geno Bisconte Picks NFL Week 11: Viewer Discretion is Advised…for Louis C.K.

Geno Bisconte is back after a 2-2 week and he starts immediately with an off-color joke. Or is it an off-colored joke? Who knows? All that’s important is that Daddy now has a 54% winning average. Not too shabby for what’s been a very unpredictable NFL season. Now let’s dance our way to the picks!

This week, Geno talks about who the most hated man will be at Soldier Field this Sunday when the Detroit Lions visit the Chicago Bears. Spoiler Alert! It won’t be anyone playing for Detroit. In this pick, Geno also tells us what the Bears coaching staff has in common with Louis C.K. and for those of you who are numerically challenged when it comes to sports gambling, Geno does the math for you.

Louis C.K. isn’t the only one getting Daddy’s attention this week. In his pick for the Rams – Vikings game, former Rams coach Jeff Fisher (who is tied for the most losses all time by an NFL head coach) and the mother of current Rams coach Sean McVay are both going to walk away from watching this video with hurt feelings. And speaking of being hurt, Ray Rice’s wife might suffer some horrible elevator ride flashbacks if she tunes in to Geno’s pick this week.

In his Sunday night pick, find out why Geno Bisconte compares the Dallas Cowboys to Tippi Hedren while he adds some….Boom! Politics to the mix. It’s safe to say Geno was not with her in 2016, but it’s always fun to watch Geno’s excitement build as he heads to a punchline that he’s very proud of. For Monday night’s match up between the Seahawks and the Falcons, Daddy’s got a lesson in ornithology for everyone before he brings it all the way around and back to Louis C.K.

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