Geno Bisconte Picks NFL Week 10: Let’s Stay Hot

Hey Geno Bisconte fans! Daddy is red hot! No. It’s not a fever from too much Jameson’s. It’s from what President Trump promised us. Too much winning! Geno went 3 & 1 & 1 again in NFL Week 9 and now has a 54% winning percentage against the number. Not too shabby.

Can Daddy keep the winning happening!? Will the hot streak continue!? How long can Geno go without calling Ali a whore!? Let’s get to the NFL Week 10 picks and find out.

This week, Geno Bisconte has a cool new nickname for the Buffalo Bills stadium, while he looks at the Bills – Saints game this Sunday. Geno is following the trends on this one for you ludomaniacs (problem gamblers) and he’s “playing the percentages Smithers”. In his pick for the Falcons – Cowboys game, Geno implements some real Steven Spielberg-type special effects wizardry into this week’s episode while also offering something for the Looney Tunes cartoon fans. Plus, Daddy tells you who to go with in a game where one of the quarterbacks is going to be good for at least one pick, if not a Pick-Six.

Finally, in Geno’s “Double Your Money – Monday Night Bet”, Daddy let’s you know which team has been working its “backdoor magic” while telling us more about producer Garrett’s personal life than we cared to know. Also, Warning! Any stroke victims watching may want to stop the video before Geno gets to his Monday night pick to avoid feeling worse about themselves. Wait. What am I saying? That’s ridiculous. Stroke victims can’t stop a video by themselves.

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