Geno Bisconte Picks the 2018 NFL Wild Card Games: Very Good in Vegas

Due to the cold weather gripping the country, Geno Bisconte is snowed out of the studio for the NFL Wild Card Weekend Edition of Geno’s Picks. The good news is that he’s still able to give us his predictions for this first weekend of NFL playoff action. And fortunately, the bad news is only bad news for one person, comedian Bronston Jones, who Daddy has hunkered down with in order to film his weekly football prognostication segment. You can see Bronston in the background of the video below. In fact, that will be part of the fun of this episode of Geno’s Picks. See if you can guess how many minutes in and how many low-brow Holocaust jokes from Geno, it will take before Bronston literally throws in the towel and uses it to covers his own face out of embarrassment.

First off, we have to say congratulations to Geno Bisconte, and it’s not for being the last person to still be making Holocaust jokes in the 21st Century. It’s for finishing football’s regular season with a record of 50 – 40. That’s 56% against the spread which means one thing in Vegas. WINNER!

Geno hopes to keep his winning record going in the playoffs and he’s got a pick for each of this weekend’s NFL Wild Card round games, starting with the Tennessee Titans at the Kansas City Chiefs. The Titans’ running back DeMarco Murray is injured and out for the first round of the playoffs and Daddy loves it! While Daddy is no doctor, find out Geno’s diagnosis for this game and why it involves Restless Leg Syndrome.

Next up, Geno looks at the Saturday night game. It’s the L.A. Rams at home versus the Atlanta Falcons. It’s another game with a big spread and Geno’s got advice on this one and so do we. If you happened to have celebrated Hanukkah last month, look away from Geno’s Picks now. Bronston, do mind if we borrow your towel to hide our faces too!?

Looking at Sunday’s games, the Bills are in the playoffs after a 17 year drought. Buffalo is in Jacksonville to face the Jaguars. Geno’s got a pick that involves another giant Wild Card Weekend spread. And if you think this winter weather is bitter, just listen to Geno talk about the Bills getting in the playoffs while his beloved Chargers missed out again. Now that’s bitter.

Finally, Geno predicts the last game of this playoff weekend, the Carolina Panthers at the New Orleans Saints. Geno compares this match up to the original “Rocky” movie. Not only because these two quarterbacks remind him of Creed and Balboa, but because his act is also over 40 years old.

Normally, we give Geno a plug here, but this week, a well-deserved shout out goes to Bronston Jones for the use of his camera this week. You can follow Bronston on Twitter at @BronstonJones and find out more him about at

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