Geno Bisconte Picks the 2018 NFL Divisional Playoff Games: This Drinking and Gambling Has To Stop

It’s the NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend and Geno Bisconte is back in-studio to predict the best weekend of football each NFL season. Two big games to fill your Saturday and two equally big games to enjoy on Sunday as the last 8 teams in the playoffs head to the Championship games and then, ta-da…the Super Bowl!

Geno, who opens this week’s edition of Geno’s Picks with a slur which will offend that uncle of yours who never married, went just 2-2 last weekend in the NFL Wild Card games. He was a perfect 2 & 0 on Saturday, but unfortunately Sunday came along where Daddy was a miserable 0 & 2. It’s almost like he started to sober up on Sunday and lost his pick powers. Let’s see what happens this weekend. Onto Geno’s Picks!

First up, Geno looks at the Atlanta Falcons visiting the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eags have become the first team in NFL history to have a first-round bye and still come in as a underdog in their divisional match up. So this game is making history and so is Geno with the world’s worst egg joke. Watch the video below to see if Geno feels Philadelphia still has the home field advantage against Atlanta who comes in giving up points. Also, if you’re Andy Reid or member of his immediate family, look away from the video below because the name-calling will make you tear up just as much as last weekend’s lost in Kansas City.

Next up, Geno’s got a pick for the Titans at the Patriots. That is if he can get out of the way of his own tongue. Is studio time that expensive that Geno’s Picks can’t afford a second take!? C’mon Compound Media! Geno has some comments about the Special Olympics in this pick, while sounding like someone who picked up the Bronze at one its events. Shout out to Mongo McFlipper! Geno speculates on if New England QB Tom Brady will be using this week’s Bulletin Board material as motivation against Tennessee. Or who knows? Maybe just winning another Super Bowl ring will be enough to inspire the ageless quarterback. After all, Gisele loves jewelry.

Moving on to Sunday’s games, (not exactly Geno’s best day last weekend when it came to his picks), Daddy evaluates Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles’ performance last week against Buffalo, as the Jaguars prepare to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers. He even wonders if Blake Bortles will get benched in favor of backup QB Matt Moore, which would be amazing considering that Matt Moore plays for the Miami Dolphins, not the Jacksonville Jaguars. Find out why Geno calls Bortles, “The Bitcoin of the NFL” and why he calls Jacksonville versus Pittsburgh the “ugliest game of the weekend”. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the attractiveness of the fans at Heinz Field.

That brings Geno to the final game of the weekend, the New Orleans Saints at the Minnesota Vikings. Last weekend, Geno missed covering his pick with the Saints by just one point, however that is a good way to describe Geno Bisconte, as a guy who has a lot of trouble making a single point. Will the Vikings cover? Will the Saints win outright? Will Daddy make a joke about the Vikings’ purple helmets? Okay, that last question is a definite, but keep watching to see who Geno’s got in the last game of the NFL Divisional Round.

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