Daniel Tosh Calls Out The Thieves At ESPN

Tosh has proudly featured a segment called “Web Redemption” where Tosh tracks down the subjects of viral video fails, and gives them a do-over. ESPN’s new segment featured a skater who bit the ice after tripping over a rug on the rink while singing the Canadian national anthem. They used Tosh’s own words when they asked the Canadian Skater if he was ready to “give it another shot?”

Tosh is feeling ripped off, so he’s fighting back with a brand new sports segment “Sports Science.0”. In his investigation he broke down the numbers behind ESPN’s sports programming. Including how well over 60% of their coverage is dedicated to Johnny Football, how far the network has climbed up the NFL’s asshole and how when it comes down to it, ESPN’s mission statement is to kill kids.

New Tosh.0 episodes air Tuesdays at 10 pm et on Comedy Central.

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