“Bennington” Coming Soon to Raw Dog on SiriusXM

Ron Bennington. Gail Bennington. No Relation.

. . No Relation.

Today Ron Bennington announced that starting Monday April 20th, the new show, “Bennington” will be coming to Raw Dog 99 along with his co-host Gail Bennington.

Although signed off on their last live show last Friday April 3rd, they spent a week hosting clips from the best shows over their twenty year career together, and today signed off via pre-taped show for the last time.  “So this is it. We’re saying goodbye not only to Fez Whatley, but we’re also saying goodbye to the Show, I’m going to miss you terribly Fez, but at the same time, as I said, I want to keep on doing this,” Ron told his audience, before dropping the big announcement.

“I’ve decided to stay with SiriusXM and a week from Monday, we’ll be doing a show that we  debuted on OpieRadio called Bennington.  And my co-host will be Gail Bennington.  No relation.”

Not many details were announced, but he did say that the show would continue in the same time slot, from noon to 3pm eastern five days a week on Raw Dog Comedy Hits 99.  “We will be back a week from Monday with Bennington.  Ron Bennington. Gail Bennington. Hopefully Chris Stanley Bennington.  Thanks so much for being here. Stay in tune to the interrobang, not just for the Ron and Fez show stuff that they’ve got up there, but also for the future Bennington Show.  We’ll be working very closely with the Interrobang as well as comedians, and comedy all around. ”

Gail and Ron had previously teamed up for a series of fill-in shows on the OpieRadio channel on some Fridays but April 20th will be their first official show on RawDog.

So stay tuned on April 20th, for the first official Raw Dog version of “Bennington.”  Everyone at the Interrobang is excited to continue to collaborate with Ron and Gail.  Congratulations Bennington.  Many more details to come.

Get more information at benningtonshow.com.


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