Artie Out! Lange Leaves the Artie and Anthony Show

Compound Media’s Keith Maresca released the news today that the Artie and Anthony Show is ending. Artie Lange will be leaving the show, effective immediately.

The AA Show, which lasted just over 8 months, officially started on September 5th, 2017, but was consistently inconsistent in its hosting set up as Lange was frequently absent or only present for part of the show. The absences were due to Lange’s ongoing problems with addiction, and some legal troubles that included incarceration and at least one stint in a rehab facility.

It was in August of last year that Anthony Cumia announced that he was leaving his solo show- The Cumia Show- behind to start a co-hosted show called The AA Show.  Cumia had teased a mystery second chair for months but longtime fans had speculated correctly that Lange would sign on to the network, particularly because he shut down his own podcast- The Artie Quitter podcast, just prior to the reveal. Just last week Artie and Anthony announced that comedian Dave Landau would be joining the show as a permanent third co-host.

Cumia plans to return to the earlier incarnation of his show- The Cumia Show. Dave Landau will remain on board as co-host.

Maresca said that Lange plans to focus on his health and recovery going forward. “He is a good friend, with a big heart, Maresca wrote.” Lange has a new book coming out in July, called “Wanna Bet?” It’s his third autobiographical book; the first two were best-sellers.

On the show today Cumia explained Artie’s departure.  “Artie is apparently in the hospital,” Cumia told his audience. “The drugs have done things to various parts of his body that need immediate medical attention,” he added.  He explained that Maresca had visited Artie in the hospital, and it was determined that Lange was in “extreme danger” both physically and legally. The latter refers to his court date set for later this week where he is set to be sentenced for his last drug-related arrest. “It’s much too serious,” he said, “I’m sorry to say.”  Although Cumia didn’t say that the Artie and Anthony Show would officially end, he said the partnership was over “for the foreseeable future.”

This is Cumia’s second split with a well-known co-host. Prior to starting the Compound Media network, Cumia was the co-host of the Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM. Cumia and his co-host Opie Hughes split after Cumia was fired from SiriusXM July 4th weekend in 2014 over a series of controversial tweets. Just two years later, former co-host Opie Hughes was fired from SiriusXM for HR violations.

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