Curtis Armstrong To Write Memoir About Being a Nerd in Hollywood


Curtis Armstrong to Write Memoir

Anticipated to come out sometime in 2017, Armstrong’s memoir “A Nerd’s Journey” promises to cover his over 40 years in show business, from his memorable performance as “Booger” in Revenge of the Nerds to his more recent television work.

Not ever actor has had the pleasure of working with both Tom Cruise, Zoey Deschanel, and Bruce Willis, but Curtis Armstrong has, and he has some things to say. Armstrong has been going strong, pun intended, since the early 80s, establishing himself quickly as a character actor with an incredible range of performance possibilities. He started on stage, then graduated to his theatrical debut in Risky Business, and from there his career catapulted from cult classic to cult classic, then to a variety of blockbusters, television shows. Like any overachiever, though, his involvement in the entertainment industry didn’t end there, and in 2012 he co-created and co-hosted a reality show called The King of the Nerds for TBS, where contestants competed in nerdy challenges that tested their pop culture knowledge.

The book will start with a young Armstrong as a bit of an outsider in his hometown of Detroit, and take readers step by step through his complicated career, and will draw heavily from primary source documents like journal and diary entries, letters, and never-before-seen photographs and interviews. If you’re interested in the nerdy backbone of the entertainment industry from a true professional who’s seen it all, this sounds like just the book for you. Thomas Dunne Books is slated as the publisher, having acquired the rights at an auction from the Matthew Elblonk of DeFiore & Company Literary Management.


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